Friday, December 6, 2013

Trying new ideas

I am being bombarded with ideas from this play class! It is a little overwhelming - I don't know how the people in the Gold level are doing it all.

This week is toy play and you know how great I am at that with Ricky. Today, just once so far, I got him a little interested in his raccoon toy (you know the kind without the stuffing). I put it on the end of a rope and when he would go for it, I snatched it away. Tried this a few times and he wanted the toy! So we quit and will try again later. I guess the idea is it's the chase they love.

The other thing I am trying is to be much more energetic when using food to do tricks and stuff - all behaviors he already knows. I am stringing more together and moving around more and throwing the food for him to get it. We did this last night and today and so far it is working really well!

The internet is such an amazing tool and resource!

Chris and Ricky


Sara said...

Sounds like fun! Go Ricky!

I find it so hard to keep up with all the forums. The nosework class wasn't so bad, because there weren't that many gold members. But this class is full, so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with everyone. I may pick and choose who I'm going to follow.

Cowspotdog said...

kind of funny having to teach an older dog to play...considering it was all they did when they were pups :)

Sagira said...

Can Tempest come over for some lessons? haha

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

How cool is that????? It is so cool that we can actually get help learning to play more and think how cool it is that anything we learn will be able to be used in ANYTHING and with any dog we ever come across. You guys are doing great!


Sounds like you have some fun times planned.


Unknown said...

That sounds lots of fun there!

May be I should learn how to do the toy play with Eva too. She is only interested in foods as is willing to do everything for it if there is some treats involved. For toy, she will bring it to me if she feels like a game or two; otherwise, she will just stare at me and tell me that she doesn't want to play toy with me at all . :(

Diana said...

Internet classes can be hard that way. I can never read all the forms . In daisy's class it was all I could do to read my stuff.

Johann The Dog said...

Play can be really hard for some pups. When we got Gracie she didn't play at all with me, just YoYo; and didn't have a clue what a toy was. It took a few years to find what she really liked and for her to 'get it' and now, sometimes it's still difficult to engage her, but never with agility. So I guess that plan worked. Bet you are learning a lot! Fun!