Thursday, December 20, 2012


Mom just signed us up for an agility class that starts in January! My first class since May 2011! I haven't done 12 weaves or any contact equipment since then. Think I will remember?

A blast from the past:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Questions to Ponder

Why can't I climb trees like squirrels?

Why don't I get a food reward FOR barking at cars?

Why is 3:00 PM too early for dinner?

Why can't my fur be completely self-cleaning and self-brushing?

Why does anyone ever want to stray from the herd?

Why wouldn't I bark at every single person or dog that walks past my house on the sidewalk?

Why would I want to cuddle - have you seen my thick coat?

Why does mom prefer to walk on sunny and warm days when the cold and cloudy one's are so much more refreshing?

Gotta zoom!