Monday, December 9, 2013

Toy Play Day 3

Here is a video of today's first toy play session. Similar to the first try yesterday.

What did I do to turn him off right at the beginning? - he was obviously interested - and then it took over a minute to get him back. I was breathing hard by the time the 3 minutes was over. The video was only supposed to be 2 minutes in length, but it took so long to get him really engaged. This is still progress in the right direction since playing was entirely my idea!

Chris and Ricky


Cowspotdog said...

you know ...I winder if Ricky is like Denny - he won't run on the wood floors....will only play on the carpet....maybe move so furniture to give him more carpet to play on so his feet don't slip?

Sara said...

That was cute how he chased you at the end!

I don't think you did anything wrong at the beginning. You did stop to change direction. Maybe he wanted to keep chasing you/toy in a circle? I know Chewy likes to chase his toy on a string in a circle, but if I switch it up too much he loses interest. Ricky definitely liked it when you got down on his level.

Diana said...

Have you already tried a real fox or raccoon tail for him to chase. My dogs really like that. Some dogs like to chase and some dogs like to be chased. Some dogs like when you hid under covers and bark and growl at them. Sometimes hiding my hand under covers and my dogs try to get it like its a mouse. Don't be discouraged, it looks like he is just trying to figure out what you are doing. You usually do trick training with food in that area. Maybe you can go to a different area to play ,so he isn't trying so hard to figure out what you want.

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

I AM SO IMPRESSED! Beyond impressed! That was so awesome, it's not easy to keep putting that much enthusiasm, and energy for long enough to let Ricky check out what was going on and for him to then trust the game enough he wanted to really jump in. I think....perhaps at first he wanted to play, but he just seemed a bit suspicious, maybe he wasn't sure that what he wanted to do was an approved game, I thought he just wanted to watch first, then he couldn't stand not being in the game. It did look like when you got low and the toy was whipping around that really made him abandon his strategy to just hang there and watch, hahaha. Pretty impressive he played for that long once he got going. You did an awesome job!