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Last Wednesday I went to Grandma and Grandpa's for my vacation while mom and dad went to visit dad's parents in San Diego! I had a good time at Grandma's until my cousin Wilson showed up and stole some of my thunder. But I was a very good house guest! Now I will grudgingly give the blog over to mom so she can share her vacation nonsense with you!

I went to San Diego for 5 days - I never want to be away from Ricky for very long. :) My mother-in-law's Border Collies help me to miss Ricky less. This is Kellan - he is a recently retired competitive obedience dog who is just full of life and energy!

And this is his brother Dax who is just two years old! He is adorable and has a very long tongue that he uses all the time to lick you! Weekend before last he got his CD with a score of 200!

This is a panoramic shot of part of the Oak Grove which is near my inlaws place. The fire of 2003 burned lots of the trees here but they have come back. (click to bigify)

At Balboa Park there is a lily pond full of enormous koi and also turtles like this one.

One day we took the dogs to swim at Fiesta Island! I had never been there. It is in Mission Bay and dogs are allowed off-leash all over the island (which used to be a landfill, I think). There is also a huge fenced-in dog park! All 3 love to swim but Dax is the best! The dog in the middle is Kyle - he was the #1 BC in obedience for many years. He retired last year as Ch.OTCH Trumagik Step Aside, UDX 20, OGM - amazing, huh? I love him!

We went to the new Birch Aquarium one day. None of us had ever been to it. We weren't sure what it would be like, but it was fantastic! We were dwarfed by the whale sculpture.


A wolf eel - reminds me of something out of Harry Potter!

I love tide pools and always want to go to see them when I am at the ocean. There was a full moon so low tide was pretty low. We went to La Jolla Cove and looked at the pools at Boomer's Beach. A long time ago I had seen a reddish-brown starfish near the Shores. So I am always on the look-out. I got lucky - there were many this time. They are carnivorous and like mussels and there were a lot of mussels around.

Upclose view

Lots of anemones (we have a waterproof camera so my husband could take macro shots with the camera under water)!

The millions of cormorants and some sea lions at the Cove

Tide pools near the LaJolla Shores Hotel

My inlaws house - no, just kidding, of course. Actually if you have that much money, couldn't you build something less ugly! LOL!

A kid found a brittle star! So cool!

That's about it. It was a fun, but very tiring, five days! I needed to come home to rest. :)

If you ever get a chance to go to San Diego, do it! It sure is a great place to have relatives! :)

Gotta zoom!

Chris and Ricky