Sunday, December 15, 2013

Adding Personal Play

This week we added the element of personal play to our play class. You know playing with your dog with just yourself - no toys or food. This is the play that I really want to develop because you can use it in the ring - like at the startline. Ricky has always enjoyed games with my hands and fingers - much like a cat would. But he also likes claw hand and bitey face. I don't have video yet but we have been trying different things at different times of the day. Very fun! Toy play is at about the same level as last week.

I am excited watching the gold level students' videos and reading Denise's advice. She is so positive and knows so much about dogs and their body language and how we can better relate to them. Seriously enjoying this course!

Chris and Ricky


Sara said...

Thats awesome! It's so fun to learn from people who really know their stuff.

Have fun playing!

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoy the course a lot!

Eva loves to play with our hands but she prefers our feet most of the time. She thinks our feet are one of her toys.

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

I am soooooooo incredibly sorry I have not posted my videos, ughghghhg. I got stuck here in Arizona and seems my footage is on a card stuck in my computer at I swear I am the worlds worst online training partner this time around. That is however the objective for today. I am however LOVING reading your experiences, and personal play is truly our downfall, so I am really looking forward to that. I am so impressed with how you both are doing!