Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Peregrine Falcons

In downtown Columbus, Ohio there is a peregrine falcon nesting box on a ledge of an office building. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources put up web cams several years ago and you can watch what happens in the nest and on the ledge. Well, for the entire month of April, we have been checking in and watching "Scout" and "Orville" (the mom and dad) take turns sitting on the nest and incubating 4 eggs. Yesterday they started to hatch!!! It is so cool to see the tiny baby birds - we've really only seen one so far - but there may be more this morning. Here is a link to the nestbox cam and from there you can switch to the ledge cam and also to the blog updates. There are also links to read more about falcons and about the history of this pair and the nest.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well, has blogger changed the way you post a YouTube video? We used to go to "edit Html" and put the video there and then it would appear like magic on my blog. It doesn't seem to work that way any more?

Here is the link to my Agility Practice video from Thursday......

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Wow, we went from 40 degrees to 85 in a hurry here! What happened? I don't mind temperatures in the 60s but this is ridiculous! I am so HOT all the time - in the house too because mom believes that no air conditioning should be run in the month of April! It's against her principals! LOL! The only relief I get is playing in the hose.

Any way, enough complaining. Last Wednesday was our last novice competition class for this session. We ran a course of 21 obstacles. We got to run it twice all the way through and also worked on the middle section (the sequence that we tried to replicate in the video the next day). Mom and I did really well. We're very excited to take the class again - it starts over on May 6th.

Yesterday mom left me stranded at home while she went off to our club and volunteered for their spring obedience trial. She did this to me last year too. Then she has the nerve to come home and tell me all about it! She was a ring steward for Open again - her job was to set up the broad jump and also lead the people and dogs into the ring for the long sits and downs. The judge (Carol Ann Klein) was super nice - to the ring stewards and also to all of the competitors. There were lots of Goldens entered but also a Berner, a Russell Terrier, a couple Rotties, a Dobe, two Corgis, and a BC. It was interesting for mom to watch. She said she was smiling the whole time - either at how good a dog was doing or at how cute the dog was when they did something wrong (even though she knows how frustrating it was for the handler when the dog would go straight to a finish on a recall instead of coming front or would not sit at a halt in a heeling pattern or would roll over and scratch his back on the matting instead of just doing a simple down!). Some dogs really showed their personalities out there! Mom learned a lot and came home more excited about the prospect of showing me in the novice obedience class eventually.

We are starting to get a lot of birds migrating through our neighborhood. Swainson's thrush, hermit thrush, yellow warbler, nashville and dad know a lot of the birds' songs so they can hear them and identify them even if they can't always see them. It's a great time of year for birdwatchers!

Hope lots of you are having a beautiful weather weekend - but maybe not so HOT!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Wow - what a gorgeous day! Bright blue sky, sun, sun and more sun! Temperature around 70. Couldn't ask for more. We spent the entire day outside. Went to a park with coffee and bagels (well, mom and dad had the coffee and bagels, of course), came home and had a visit in my yard from my neighbor's golden retriever - the neighbors are on vacation and mom is helping to take care of Amber - had lunch outside, did some agility, and did a lot of running around and barking - everybody seems to have a motorcycle in my neighborhood now. Just what we need....

We tried to take a few photos. Have you seen our fish? All of these fish were born in our pond - there are around 30 fish. Last week the last of the big adults was eaten by the heron. (if you click on the photo, you can see the fish much better!)

We have lots of flowers blooming and I was forced to pose in each flower photo! I'm on leash because we're out in the front yard and a car might go by (that's also why I hardly ever look at mom when we're out there - don't want to miss getting the first glimpse of a car!)

Tomorrow it's supposed to be cloudy and then rainy. Tuesday's forecast - high of 45 with rain/snow mix. Spring - you just gotta love it!
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

How do you guys do it?

Mom can't believe how much time goes by between my posts! How do you all do it - posting every day and sometimes more than once a day? I enjoy reading everything you all write but I can't think of that much to say!

We finally got a sunny day today! Mom and dad took me on a walk and it was fun until I lost control at some cars that went by and mom got mad because I was pulling and lunging and barking. She gets super frustrated and I just can't help myself.

Mom and dad got a new gas grill today - dad had one years ago - but in the past five years, they've been using a charcoal grill. So a nice, new gas grill and dad cooked chicken and zucchini on it and they ate outside and everything - just like a summertime party! I continued my theme for the day and barked at all people and most cars that went by our house.

Last night we got to go to our novice competition class - class 6. We missed class 5 last week when mom was at work. Last night it was fun to be back. The theme for the evening was threading through obstacles to go on to another obstacle. Like come out of a tunnel and go through two jumps and on to the a frame. We had mixed success - sometimes I ignored mom and took the off course obstacle and sometimes I listened to her. Any way, something new to work on. Mom thinks she wants to take this same level class next session too. There's still lots of stuff for us to learn from these two teachers.

So any way, hope you all have a great weekend! Mom works all day tomorrow but has most of Saturday off. Hopefully the nice weather will stick around for awhile!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yep, I still have my blue bunny!

But he's a little worse for the wear!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yesterday was my second Gotcha Day!

We've been so busy with diarrhea, medicine, bad weather, etc. that we forgot to post yesterday that it was my second Gotcha Day! Yes, two years ago April 7th I came home to live with mom and dad! It was cold and snowy that April 7th also! We drove through some blizzard-like conditions on the three-hour car trip home. I had never been outside - except for one car ride to the vet - so it was a shock to come home and then to be asked to go potty outside in the freezing cold grass! But I did it any way! It's been a great two years and we're all looking forward to many, many more.
Thanks to everyone for the comments, advice and get-well wishes! I am feeling much better. Finally back to my regular food and back to regular poop! Today is the last day of the antibiotic. I even got to go to agility practice this morning. It was great to be doing agility again! We haven't really researched what to do about my colitis - but we will be figuring it out soon. Mom wanted me to get all back to normal before we try anything new.
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I have clostridium perfringens

We just came back from seeing my vet Dr. Jan. She checked me all over - good thing is I don't have a blockage. But she did tests on my fecal sample (poop - why not just say it like it is) and found I have an overgrowth of a bacteria called clostridium perfringens. It is causing colitis and that is causing the diarrhea. So apparently we all have this bacteria in our system - it's part of the normal flora. But something triggers it to over grow - stress, diet change, etc. I might have gotten too much from eating bunny poop or mulch or even from sniffing animal droppings. Dr. Jan gave me an antibiotic and some special bland diet canned food. I am supposed to have nothing but that food for the next 24 hours. I don't mind too much because it tastes good. Hopefully if the diarrhea stops, I'll feel better really soon. We also have to check to see if the food I eat regularly has enough fiber in it. Colits can often be managed with more fiber in the diet.

We are very bummed to be missing the trial. Of all times for this to happen. But we know there will be plenty more trials and mom says she's happy that there is not something more seriously wrong with me.

How weird that my buddy Ludo is sick today and has colitis too! I sure hope he feels better soon! Maybe colitis is a Sheltie thing?

Gotta get some rest,


You'll never guess

I had to cancel going to my trial because I have been having bad diarrhea since yesterday. I had a little in the afternoon and then after dinner. But then last night I was up every three hours feeling like I had to go - it is so runny (I know this is gross) that it sticks all over me on the way out. I also strain to go and not much comes out. Mom and I didn't sleep at all. We have a call into our vet. So we'll see what she says. Other than that, yesterday I felt fine - ran around, played, barked, did agility, ate, drank - everything like I normally do. This morning I am confused as to why I haven't had breakfast yet, and I'm a little sleepy. Of all days......not that there is ever a good day to be sick.

Possible causes? Caught a bug from a dog - was around dogs in two classes and of course the Pet Expo? Or a rawhide chewie stick (not big - size and width of a pencil). Mom hardly ever gives me one but I had one a week ago today. Usually I only eat half at a time but I was quick and ate the whole thing before Mom could take it from me. Could it be stuck in my intestines somewhere after a week? Gosh I hope not!

So our second trial experience will have to wait. Next possible date - May 9 and 10......

Gotta go rest,


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Metro Park walk

Today was a gorgeous day - high in the low 70s and sunny! Makes you think spring is really here (as long as you don't watch the weather forecast and hear about the rain/snow mix predicted for Monday!). Mom and dad took me on my favorite Metro Park walk. We had a blast and saw lots of cool stuff - dad got photos of some of it:

The first part of the trail is through the woods and then you get out to this prairie area:
Garter snakes were out enjoying the sun - here's a bigger one that I scared out of the path:
And here's a baby one that we almost stepped on (you could hardly see him in the grass!):

There were some birds around that have come back from their winter sojourn - tree swallows, field sparrows and this eastern bluebird:
The pond which rarely has anything of interest in it had some Canada geese, a couple mallards, a couple of ring-necked ducks (not in this photo) and a pair of mute swans:

I smile a lot when I'm HOT:

We were really lucky to be able to get out and enjoy the weather today! Hope some of you did too!
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