Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yes we are still taking classes!

We are still taking class every Tuesday morning. I have a really good time - I LOVE dogwalks the most - sometimes I am sort of fast on jumps and tunnels and sometimes pokey.

At home though, I am FAST.

We sort of gave up on the multiple target idea but use them at the end of sequences - usually a thrown piece of chicken.

Mom is supposed to come up with a word or action that will get me jazzed up at the startline. Ideas?

Here is an interesting tidbit - when we first started learning agility and mom had no idea how to move for a front cross or a rear cross, she did a bunch of blind crosses (not knowing what they were). The instructors were all - NOOO - no blinds - keep your eyes on your dog. And nowadays what is all the rage?  - the blind cross! LOL!

Mom says she will help me to write a proper post again one day with video and everything, but I am telling you not to hold your breath!

Gotta zoom!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013