Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Special Visit!

Yesterday Katie's mom and dad came to visit me! They came in the door and I immediately started licking both of them (my dad calls me Licky). Katie's mom said I was so small and she was surprised at how not shy I was. I guess she was prepared to have to be patient and wait for me to come to her, etc.

So the evening was all about me! I licked them, brought tug toy after tug toy to them, tried to steal blueberries and strawberries from them. Whined a little, jumped on them a little - did everything I could think of so they would have to keep all of their attention on ME.

For some weird reason, they went to work with my mom and dad. I took a nap so I would be refreshed and ready to go when they got home. And boy was I ready! But then it got late and the talking just went on and on. I got sleepy and knew that it was way past our bedtime. I was sleeping on mom's lap for awhile and then  I couldn't take it any more and just started whining and whining. It was time for Katie's mom and dad to goooooo!

Finally the moms and dads agreed with me and I got some special good-bye pats. Katie's mom promises to come back some day and bring Katie with her. I think that would be a lot of fun!

Thanks for visiting me!

Gotta zoom!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Last Two Weeks of Class

Mom has been busy doing everything but helping me to blog. We have been to two classes since we last wrote about my target. We brought the target to both classes. The first time our teacher suggested that mom cut the target down and make it much smaller and harder to see. She also wanted me to work on driving to the target. Target = Drive. And mom should say "Target" to me.

I was taught to do the agility equipment first and then run to the target. So like weaves to target. I got very confused when all I had to do was go straight to the target. We worked on that and it was so easy once I figured it out.

At the second class, we had my tiny target and for the first time ever, I cheated and went from doing some jumps with mom to skipping straight over to the chicken on the target. Ha! So now I have to learn that if I hear "Target", I can go to it. If I don't hear that word, I should do whatever else it is that mom wants. We did an exercise where my target was on the other side of a jump but I was not supposed to go to it - just jump and go to mom. That did not work at all! I couldn't understand why - if I jumped - I could not go to the chicken. Even if mom had chicken in her hand, it was not as valuable as chicken on the target. I kept trying things - like the DW, or the tunnel, or going to the teacher. Anything EXCEPT going back to mom. Guess what we are to work on for this week? :)

Mom is not sure where all this is going to lead. She always knew that fading the target was necessary. I guess I am supposed to think there could be a target anywhere and keep going fast just in case. I don't know - I am pretty smart and I think I would know if there were a target or not.

To be continued.........

Mom is doing something called The Rite of Spring at work next week and we have to miss our class! I am not happy about it but she needs the money to pay for more of my classes. :)

Gotta zoom!