Saturday, October 27, 2012

To Each His Own

The other day I was chewing on my bully stick like a good boy when I heard:

Haha! I love brussel sprouts too!

Gotta zoom!


Thursday, October 25, 2012


Dawn and Katie wanted to know if I am still barking at the lawn mower in the garage. Well sometimes I don't but usually I do. I still bark at cars too. We used to call these training challenges but now we call them tradition. :)

Gotta zoom!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gorgeous Fall Day!

Yes, I am still here! Mom has been too lazy to help me blog and too lazy to take a camera when we go places. We have had some beautiful fall days with blue skies and amazing colors. I got to walk at my favorite park today and I successfully tore mom away from her ipod long enough to help me type and post photos!

Bigify all of them so you can experience them fully! :)

See, pretty tree and sky!

Here I am posing and smiling too. This is a little gazebo in the park.

Another tree!

I am posing and smiling here too! The lighting is a little better in this shot -

But I have a cuter expression in this one!

Not award-winning photos and not award-winning content for this entry, but I hope you all are happy to finally hear from me! :) If I can get my lazy mom away from her ipod again, maybe you'll get to see some of my new tricks! Don't hold your breath though.....

Gotta zoom!