Monday, March 24, 2008

Pre Agility

This morning mom and dad took me to one of our local reservoirs to do a little birding! They like to watch birds - I don't really get the point of just looking at birds when we could be herding them, but that's what we do. Boy was it windy and COLD on the walk on the top of the dam! It is hard to believe this is March weather. We saw common loons, horned grebes and lots of redbreasted mergansers. I had a good time smelling around and barking at joggers (again, sorry mom!).

Mom tried to do a little agility practice with me in the backyard this afternoon, but I was in a very barky mood. We did work on "shy" in the house and I think I might be starting to understand what I'm supposed to do.

Tonight is our third pre agility class at the dog club where we are members. Even though I have already taken a foundation class, we were required to take this class to go on to level 1. That's ok - we are strengthening our basic foundation moves - like come to hand, touch, go out (away), cues, start-line stays, etc. So far all of the exercises have been very easy for me! Unfortunately we haven't done a single jump yet, and it doesn't look like we are going to be doing much of any obstacle work. Mom and I can't wait to get going on the obstacles. I have not yet been introduced to a real dog walk, teeter, a-frame, chute, or pause table!

Gotta zoom!


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