Thursday, March 27, 2008

From Sunshine to Rain

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Sunny and a high temperature in the low 60s. In the morning mom and I went to a sort of hodge-podge obedience class at the club. We ran into our favorite trainer - I was thrilled to see her and her BC! They were there to do a little agility training. (Once you get to a certain level in agility - I think it's level 3 - you can go to the club on Wednesday mornings and use their equipment to work on your obstacles and moves.) Mom and I went into the other building for the obedience class, and it was FULL of dogs and their moms or dads! I mean I have never seen so many other dogs in a class. It was almost impossible to get any real training done. We did a little healing, a sit-stay (hate those - my back feet keep slipping out from under me), a down-stay, a couple recalls, a stand-stay and by then we had enough. (Also I got a little spooked by a GSD puppy - he gave me a look I didn't like and then I didn't want to go near him again at all!)

We spent the majority of the afternoon outside. I helped mom vacuum out her car and do a little gardening and then we cut some PVC pipe to make another jump. Now I have 3 jumps plus weave poles, the tire jump, and a couple small tunnels. Mom and grandpa are going to work this week on making a table, a teeter, and a mini dog walk! Soon we will be able to practice actual courses in our backyard!

Today we went from warm and sunny to chilly and rainy. Oh well, that's Ohio for you! Mom and I walked in the rain - the bad weather doesn't stop us! - I came back soaking wet and muddy and had to wait while mom patiently cleaned me off. We have done a few training sessions in the house today - working on my tricks, lessons, and even a little agility. Pretty low-key day. On a bright note, I just found a delicious bone in the yard (it must've belonged to my neighbor dog friend and some how it got into my yard - squirrel, maybe?). I think it is a REAL bone and I've never tasted one before! Mom is letting me chew on it awhie - guess I must be a good boy!!

Gotta zoom!


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