Sunday, March 30, 2008


For the past two days mom and I have been painting the boards for the new agility equipment she and grandpa are building for me. Yesterday we primed the boards and today we painted two coats of the blue paint (on one side of each board). It has been really cold in the garage - 30s and 40s - I haven't noticed the cold but mom sure has. Tomorrow we hope to paint the blue on the other side and maybe get started on the yellow for the contact zones. It supposed to rain though and that slows up the whole process. I am getting so excited to try out my new stuff! (Oh and mom says you should ignore the messy garage!)
Today is my mom and dad's fourth wedding anniversary! Congratulations to them! I can't imagine what their life must've been like for the first 3 years of their marriage without me - boring I would imagine! But I know their past year has been awesome! Tonight they are going out for a romantic dinner to a restaurant that doesn't allow pups. That's ok with me though. I know mom will feed me my dinner before they leave and also give me some good treats in my kongs when I go into my crate. They deserve a relaxing evening out, and I'll be waiting here for them when they get home!
Gotta zoom!

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