Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Early Days

If I remember correctly, I was a pretty wild puppy! I don't think my mom had any idea of what she was in for with me. I learned some things really quickly - like doing my potty outside, listening to basic commands like sit, down, and come (well, usually!), what things I could chew and what I couldn't, and being a good and patient puppy in my crate (including sleeping through the night at 9 weeks old). But I wasn't one of those "I'll follow you any where, Mom" kind of pups. I was independent and wanted to go my own way. I got the zoomies when I would least expect them and would only stop to rest when my mom would put me in my crate for a nap! When I was around 10-12 weeks old, I started to get very excited about anything that moved - cars, bikes, paper towels, window blinds - mom didn't know what to do to control my overenthusiasm! It got to be impossible for mom to take me on walks because all I wanted to do was to herd those cars. (Don't tell mom but I STILL can't really get my mind off cars when we walk these days - I'm just a little better at hiding my urges!)

Gotta zoom!


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