Friday, March 28, 2008

Long Day

Early this morning mom and I left and met grandpa at Home Depot to buy more supplies to make our new agility equipment. I went in the store to help them find just the right lumber and PVC for our dog walk, teeter, and table. When we got what we needed, we headed over to grandpa and grandma's house! Hurray - my third time there this week! Mom and grandpa worked really hard sawing and cutting and building. I spent a lot of the time in the house with grandma. They finished all the lumber cuts and built the base for the dog walk and the table. Now mom and I have to paint all the boards with primer and then a couple coats of paint. There is a lot involved in building this agility stuff. I'm lucky to have mom but also my grandpa to build it for me! I promise to practice and practice when everything is finished and ready in my backyard!

After all the building, my cousins Wilson and Sandy showed up - now we were having a party! I followed Wilson around and ignored Sandy (she ignored me too). There were 3 pups and 10 people over for dinner! It was fun but when mom said it was time for us to go home, I headed straight for the car. What a long and exhausting day! As soon as I finish writing this, I will be taking a pre-bedtime nap on the couch!

Gotta zoom!


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