Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Class recap

Last night's pre agility class went well. It goes on until rather late - 9:30 - past my bedtime. Class is supposed to start at 8:00 but never starts until about 8:20 because there is a puppy class in the building at 7:00 and they never leave! Last night I did great! Since I have had a foundation class before and since mom and I have also been training on our own, I either know how to do the stuff already or I just get it right away. I am really good at walking over cavelletis (don't know what a cavelleti is? Neither do I. It's a bunch of posts and boards put down in a sort of haphazard row and I have to walk over them.) We have started doing that with some lateral distance - I go away from mom over the cavelletis and mom is some distance from me off to the side. This distance doesn't bother an indepedent pup like me at all, but it impresses the teachers! We also started 2o2o (two feet on, two feet off) contact work - no problem for me! And we started jumping - yeah, finally an obstacle to do! This week we are going to practice shadow handling - basically I follow mom's hand around while she walks in all different directions (I shadow her). I'm there as long as treats are involved!

By the way, our walk was really good this morning! We did the long walk, and a lot of cars passed us on their way to work, but I only let out one or two barks total for the entire walk! For some reason I was able to control myself better this morning - mom was very happy!

Gotta zoom!


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