Friday, March 21, 2008

My First Summer

A lot happened during my first summer! I absolutely loved being outdoors, and mom and I spent most of our time out in our backyard. My favorite thing was chewing on sticks - I could do that for hours on end! I also discovered how much fun it was to play with the water hose on a hot day, to sit on mom's lap while dad paddled our kayak, to go for fun car rides, to run on my flexi-lead in big grassy fields, to chase my Golden Retriever cousin Wilson as he fetched tennis ball after tennis ball (what's up with that, by the way?), and to experience all the new sights, sounds, and smells (absolutely everything was new to me).

I think I told you that I started to develop some out of control issues - they weren't issues as far as I was concerned, but mom couldn't figure out how to curb my enthusiasm for all moving things. So she called a dog trainer. My new trainer Deb came over, and I really didn't like her too much at first. She wouldn't let me do what I wanted to do and worse yet, she taught mom some skills to cope with my behaviors. (Deb has become one of my most favorite people in the whole world - along with my mom and dad, of course, and grandpa and grandma, and my vet!) I was very intent on asserting my independence and wanted to be in control. But I slowly started trying to listen to what mom was telling me to do! Mom also started me in a puppy class at our local dog club. That was fun because I got to work on my lessons (ie. sit, down, stand, stay, come, etc.) and to meet other puppies - hard to believe that they were puppies since they were all so much bigger than me! Soon after that we started a beginning obedience class taught by Deb. That's where my real education began!
Gotta zoom!

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