Monday, February 1, 2010

Handling Class Week 5

No real detailed description of this week's class this time (grandpa will be happy!). I wish we had taken a photo of the jump set up so we could share it with you and also remember it better. This week's class was on sends again - focusing this time on parallel sends. As baby dogs we practice "go around" and that is the basis for the parallel send. I still love the "go around" game but I didn't know I was really learning the send. Any way, the handler needs to keep her shoulders straight pointing ahead to the parallel jump until the dog commits and then she can move in the direction of the next jump. Many handlers forget to do this and either pull their dog off the jump or cause a refusal. We also practiced off-set 180 jumps and a wrap after the second jump. Jenn told mom to try to keep herself moving in the jumps and not to stand around (mom can stand and wait for me if I am in a tunnel or chute and can't see mom but she shouldn't stop moving in jump sequences).

Next week we don't have class (Jenn is probably traveling somewhere) and after that only two more classes to go. We just found out that Jenn is not teaching any more until summer so we're not sure what class we'll do for March and April (maybe May too). Mom is super disappointed because she was already counting on taking Jenn's class again. The training club where we go is closing in Dec. 2010 - we don't know all the details about why - and we're not sure why Jenn isn't teaching there any more after this. Probably there is a lot going on that we are not aware of.

In other training news, mom thinks she taught me to pivot using Marie's suggestions but she used a window blind rod instead of a dowel (I thought the dowel was like my cane and offered all my cane tricks) - with the window blind rod, mom sort of nudged my thigh (flank, rear) a little so I would move my rear end first. That didn't take long because it reminded me of my flip trick and also my backwards circle trick. Here it is:

Am I doing it? I still need to learn how to get into a better heel position and how to do it on the right side.

After a month of practicing every day, I had my first failure on the emergency whistle recall! Mom is really bummed out about it. She tried it out at my grandparents' house yesterday for the first time - I came on the first try but when she tried to surprise me the second time, I was way too engrossed in some exotic smell (they have a lot of deer in their yard at night) and I didn't even LOOK at mom let alone give her my usual whiplash head turn. She didn't blow twice - she just came over and got me and ran back to where she had tried to call me. Then she set me up on a wait and walked a little distance away and tried again and of course, this time I listened. So it showed mom that she has been too smug in thinking I had the recall down! It proves to her that I now need to practice in new areas other than my yard and the park. Recall bootcamp continues for me!

We are looking forward to milder temperatures this week (above freezing at least) and may get in some agility practice in the backyard even if it is a little muddy. Mom is itching to get out there and try some of the stuff we are learning in class. Only 48 days to Spring everybody!!!!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Your pivot looks really good Ricky.

What a bummer about your classes. I hope you find something you like.

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

WOW, AMAZING PIVOT, that is fantastic.

I sympathise with you about the classes ;-(,that has been the story of my life lately with instructors leaving and classes not being available anymore and once you get a class and an instructor you like, and they get to know your issues and your dog so they can really help....hard to have them leave......

Sorry about that recall but gosh it is just so funny how much you have to train it everywhere and they were saying in our recall class you need like SIX MONTHS of high rate of reinforcement history at least to really even start to make it a condidtioned reflexive type response where pups dont think about it and just react.....ahhhh, guess we have a long time to go ;-), and practicing a lot before you can start with variable reinforcement or start playing around with things. So the good news is that it will come..Ricky is definitely on the right track!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

My mom says anytime your mom is fur a REAL challenge, she's welkhomed to try that rekhall THING with me!

PeeEssWoo: Have your PF's started getting ready fur the season yet? Ours seem to be - I'm mentioning it on Tuesday's blog!

Marie said...

Hey, your pivot looks great! You and your mom do such a good job working together. :-)

Bummer about the upheaval in classes and the training club. I hope you're able to find somewhere else to train.

As for the recall...Dare needs to join you in recall boot camp. We got to the trial this weekend and I got her out of the car, along with Layla. They were both on leash, but I dropped Dare's accidentally. Well, she just walked off. So, I called her and even though she did look at me, she certainly didn't come. Then she turned back around and walked off even further. Ugh! When I finally did catch up to her I was so upset. It really scared me that her recall was so lousy in a different environment. So, we're also working on our recalls again. :-P

Dawn said...

Nice pivot Ricky! And thanks for the reminder about recall. 6 mos?! Oh no! Though when we were out playing Frisbee in our not fenced back yard and Katie saw something else more interesting then me I yelled "KATIE!" once and she turned right around and ran to me. I was relieved but I don't really feel entirely safe. You're right recall bootcamp needs to keep happening here too.

Kapitein Haakje said...

that pivot looks super :D
We are still working on that summer towl thing

El'bow & hauwii

Diana said...

The pivot looks good. I think recalls are constant work. Im not sure if they are every fully trained. You are always working on them, kinda like weave poles. LoL Diana

Lian said...

WOW! That's awesome, Ricky!

Unknown said...

It's wonderful, Ricky!