Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weave Challenge Position 9 and the Month of October

Hi everyone! Remember me? Ricky? I just realized that I only posted 4 entries in the entire month of October! Where did the month go?

Here is a little recap of things that happened in October. Mom and dad cleaned and stained their deck - big project because they had never stained anything before. It turned out great (but too orange). Mom developed tendonitis from all the physical therapy and practicing she was doing while trying to come back from her broken wrist. She ended up having to get a steroid shot and that saved the day. She was able to go back to work for the symphony. Speaking of the symphony, mom and dad played one of the hardest concerts of their lives (and had to do it three times in one weekend). I don't think I am telling any secrets when I say that lots of wine was consumed after each performance. :) We also celebrated dad's birthday - his big gift? - a Wii!! Seriously, men never grow up! (But mom admits to liking it too). My neighbor got a new foster dog and I am happy to report that he enjoys running the fence with me! But I must've gotten some tiny piece of leaf in my eye and rubbed that eye against the carpet so much it was all irritated. I had to go to the vet and then have drops put in it 3 times a day for a week. Not a fan of the drops. As far as training goes, we did a little backyard agility and worked on some tricks, but mostly we went to parks if we had the time and the weather was nice. Overall it was a good month.

I finally finished the weave challenge this week. Mom was worried about the last few positions but I showed her that I do know what I am doing. We didn't practice any of the positions before we taped them and we didn't edit out mistakes. In this lastest video, you will see that I am human after all (I am dog? after all) and I take a shortcut the first time we try the recall. But I fix it the second time! We loved doing the challenge - I improved my speed and desire a lot! Thank you Kathy for giving us the motivation to work on weaves!

Gotta zoom!



corbinwooten said...

Ricky, your weave entries are awesome! Do you happen to have a list/picture of all the different setups/positions? I would love to try them (though our dogs need more work!)

I am glad to hear that everyone in your house is doing better after their injuries. Lexi had an eye infection too and was also not so happy about the eye drops!

Sara said...

Oh, tendonitis is sooo painful. Glad the shot did the trick for you.

Ricky looks great! He really drives to those poles. So impressed by his entries. And your yard looks so pretty with all those crunchy yellow leaves.

Diana said...

You've been way to busy to blog. LOl I hope the wrist gets better soon. Not fun. Going to parks is more fun the training, well IMO. LOL

Sophie said...

Way to go Ricky! Looks like he always has a blast driving into the weave entry.

I know what you mean about the month vanishing though!

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

Glad your mom's wrist is all okay.

We've missed your glad for your weave motivation!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

THAT WAS THE MOST AWESOME THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!! You are the most fantastic guy Ricky and you and your mom ROCK!!! I am soooo impressed.
The concerts sound very intense and so hard, wow, that is so neat.

Dawn said...

Somehow October was just way too short! You guys did a LOT! I stained my deck a couple years ago and thing it was too orange too. Good news is that it fades fast. Bad news is that it fades fast.

Ricky looks awesome!! I can't believe he'll do that entry all by himself without you right there! And he's so fast!!

Glad you got through the difficult concert - three times!!! Some day I'm going to come down to hear you play!

Adien Crafts said...

ooooh Tricky Rickie, you are getting so quick at those weaves, we hope we'll see you on Crufts one year as an International Competitor! Your buddies Dex and Lou xxx

Sagira said...

Wow, you guys sure have been busy. You should post a pic of your foster friend. I hope that your eye is all better. :)