Saturday, November 26, 2011

It Can't Almost Be Winter

Today is November 26 in central Ohio and because we have had mild temperatures and lots of rain some flowers in our garden are still blooming!

This little blue flower thinks it is Spring:

So does the clematis:

Fall mums still going strong:

This little white flower just started blooming:

The blanket flower has been blooming since May:

As has the dianthus:

Out of focus but you can see the forsythia is confused:

As are the daffodils:

We went for a nice walk at the park today. The rain comes back tomorrow for at least 3 days in a row. That's ok because we sure enjoyed today!

Gotta zoom!



Diana said...

We've had lots of warm weather too. And lots of rain. The backyard is always damp. Im glad you got to get out a enjoy the day.

Cowspotdog said...

soon enough the cold will be here and we will be grumbling about when will summer come but I know what you mean - our plants are all confused too

Sara said...

Isn't global warming great? Don't know what all those scientists are complaining about :)

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all!

Weather is so fickle! We had an early frost at the shore in the low country of the Southeast. We don't usually get a frost 'til January. Y'all must have gotten our weather.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Unknown said...

It seems you still have the tail of summer with you!

Those flowers are so beautiful and still plenty of green too.

We have some weird weather lately too. We have bright and hot time in the morning and thunderstorm in the afternoon. And we don't have beautiful flowers like yours :(

Sagira said...

It was beautiful out today. After we got back from the trial we took Bokeh to the park to play frisbee. But I think we are going to pay for it next week supposed to get cooler and rain. yuck :(

Dawn said...

Yes indeed warm weather in November is something to be truly thankful for!

Anonymous said...

We are loving the extended fall weather here too. It's cold, like everything is frozen in the mornings, but then it's been really pleasant in the afternoons for walking. I'd be thrilled if winter never came! :-)

Lian said...

Surely is global warming, world is changing :( Love your garden with those beautiful flowers blooming at this time of the year. We have some warm weather over here too but it suddenly turning winter since yesterday :((


Guess you are getting an Indian Summer. Tempertures here are cooler, which make us happy.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Sheltie Times said...

After a Halloween blizzard it has almost been like summer again here in New England. I can't imagine what kind of winter we are going to have.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Mommy hopes the warm weather continues -- she is so not looking forward to shoveling. Your fall mum flower looks so nice. I think you need a magnifying glass to see the mums in Mommy's garden. She so needs to buy miracle grow or something.

Sophie said...

Please send us your warm weather, Ricky! We've had horrible wind and rain lately. :( Very jealous of your pretty flowers.

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

WE have had 70-80 degree temps the past few days, we are supposed to get wind and a cold snap but we dont even have flowers like that, whats up with that??? How peculiar! They sure are pretty giving their last goodbye to summer.