Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Week 5 Pre Agility

Last night's class went well. Our instructor told my mom that she can't believe that my mom has never done agility before because her timing is impeccable! Wow - was she really looking at mom? Doesn't she realize that I am the one who makes mom look good? But I am proud of all that mom has learned. Last night we learned rear cross (which we already know) and post turns and we did come to the hand after a jump. It was extremely hot in the building - the heat had probably been left on and the outdoor temperature was about 68. Also there is the most high energy dog I have ever seen in our class - he is a Golden Retriever - and he can't even sit next to his dad - we have never seen anything like him. And this is their second time through the pre agility class. Wish we had a video to show his behavior! It really is indescribable. After each class, this dog's dad lets him off leash to run like a mad-dog around the ring. Mom doesn't want me to get run over, so she gets me out of the ring as soon as she can. We don't really think dogs should be playing in a place where they are supposed to be learning lessons. It confuses the dog and makes him think it's always playtime. Oh well, that's just our opinion.

Today was another gorgeous weather day! We were so lucky to have most of the day off, and mom spent a lot of time outside with me. I even helped to clean off the patio furniture. All this playing outside wears me out so......

Gotta zoom!



Latte said...

Hi fellow sheltie! :) *paws*


Johann The Dog said...

Look it's Latte! Hey there!

Rear crosses are the best! I believe your Mum will need a lot of those for you Ricky - you fast thing, you.

I love them....Mum and I and Gracie went to practice today...we did pretty good and got homework...Mum is sooooo sore!