Sunday, April 13, 2008


Not much happened this weekend. The weather has been bad - cold and rainy - so we haven't spent time outside except for our daily walks. Yesterday mom spent a lot of time at the computer - she wants us to start a pet/house sitting, dog walking, flower gardening (I know - weird combination) business in our neighborhood. She is trying to design a flyer so we can distribute them to all of our neighbors, and we hope to make a little extra money helping people.

Today we went to grandma and grandpa's. We had a great visit and built a chute out of a shower curtain and a fabric clothes hamper. It actually worked - I experienced the chute for the very first time! For any one who doesn't know, a chute is one of the agility obstacles - it is like a tunnel on one end, but the other end is fabric that I have to do through without seeing where I am going. At first I kept going around the outside. Then with grandpa holding the end of the chute open, I finally went through. We tried several times and then I did it with the chute all the way on the ground. Cool! I got lots of chicken treats and mom was very happy with me! It's going to take more practice to do it right all the time, but we love practicing!

Gotta zoom!


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