Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last Pre Agility Class

Since mom has to work next Monday night, we had our last pre agility class last night. The instructor was nice enough to give us our graduation test early, and so we did it and also served as a demo for the other dogs. Everything went well - cavelletis, jumps, walk the plank with 2on/2off contact, and front and rear cross on the flat (meaning without an obstacle). My only problem all night was that I couldn't stop smelling and hoovering the floor! (Mom tried and tried to get me to stop!) There is a puppy class in the building right before our class, and they just leave so many enticing smells and little bits of treats! Mom is very happy that our level 1 agility class will be in the other building and will be the first class of the evening.

So now we wait to see if we get in to the level 1 class. Agility classes are very popular at our club and you have to register and enter a lottery - you get notified by mail if you are picked for the next session. If we are picked, we start in 3 weeks. Until then mom and I are going to do lots of practicing on our own. Mom asked for a subscription to Clean Run magazine for her birthday - she can learn lots from reading the articles and studying the diagrams. We are also going to read more on Agility Nerd - they have tons of good exercises for backyard agility practice. We are going to be ahead of our class level for awhile - that's ok - I need more practice being in new environments with new dogs, and the new instructors always teach us something we haven't learned before.

Gotta zoom!



Johann The Dog said...

Hey Ricky!!!! Glad your test went well. I used to sniff a lot in my first two classes - it's all those treats that people leave. Mum started teaching me to touch her hand to keep me occupied. It kind of worked...BOL!

Glad your Mum is asking for Clean Run! She'll love it and you will too.

Nice day today with the weather, huh?

Later, gater.

Woofs, Johann

Turbo the Sibe said...

Smelling things is good! There should be a competitive smelling class!