Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today is the day that mom and dad teach viola lessons. It is a very difficult time for me - I get terribly excited when the students come over, and I can barely control myself. (Especially when my favorite vet brings her son - although today her husband came instead - I am really disappointed!) I want to run to the door and enthusiastically greet everyone and bark and jump, etc. So I either have to hang out with mom in her room when she's not teaching or I have to go into my crate. Mom has been working on me just lying down and listening to the lesson - actually had some success with that yesterday when mom taught one lesson on Monday. I was patient and did get to lie in the room with mom. Today, however, I am trying so hard to relax! Maybe mom will take me for a walk when she has a break!

Last night was our fourth pre agility class. It went well I think. We learned to "go around" or just "go" so that I go out ahead of mom - I had to go out and around a couple of chairs and then back to mom. I have done this a little bit and was ok with it. We just need to work on getting some distance now. And we learned front crosses but mom and I already knew how to do them. And we walked a plank flat on the ground - piece of cake for me. Even though the class is mostly review, it's good to hear things explained by a different instructor and it's good to work around different dogs. I only have two more of these classes (we have to miss the last class because mom has to work).

Mom and I have finished painting our dog walk, teeter, and table boards. We put sand in the final coat - hope that works to make them non-skid. We have had damp and cold weather so we are also hoping the paint really dries and adheres to the wood. If all goes as planned, I should have some new obstacles on Thursday!

Gotta zoom!


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