Friday, April 11, 2008

Advanced Novice Class

Last night I went to my first advanced novice class at the club. Mom has this idea that she will put a CD on me (that's the novice obedience title). We have been casually practicing novice requirements, but until last night's class, we didn't really realize how much repetition and precision it takes to perfect the exercises.

First of all the class takes place in building B - I have previously been in classes in building A. So this took some getting used to - the matting felt different and the smells were all new! Plus there was a huge advanced obedience class in the ring next to us - at least 20 dogs in a very small area! That was very distracting! And in the other ring (we were in the middle), some lucky dogs were practicing agility - jumps, table, chute. I kept hearing "Go table!" or "Go jump!" and it made me less than enthusiastic about doing my 10th "front" in a row! Mom and I were aware of some of this before, but I rock back when I sit (instead of tuck-sitting), and my fronts are often crooked, but at least my recalls were quite fast. We didn't even address my heeling issues! (Except we did work on some "call to heel" exercises). Probably saving that for the next class! So mom and I will work on perfecting our exercises for awhile (ok with me as long as the treats keep coming, but I think I overheard something about phasing out treats and going with verbal praise only? Whose idea is that?) and see what happens.

One sort of funny thing happened - our instructor was demonstrating with his dog and then left his dog on a sit-stay to talk to us. Well, his dog (an Aussie by the way) spied another Aussie in the next ring and did a beautiful jump over the ring gates and quick as a wink was over there visiting his friend! Our instructor had to go and get his dog and crate him! I was just happy to see I am not the only dog out there that forgets what I'm supposed to be doing!

Gotta zoom!



Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Ricky! So nice to ave met another Obedience dog...I also do Obedience, Agility, Canine Musical Freestyle, Tricks & the new sport I'm learning now is Tracking. Just recently my sista & I entered for an OB trial. I didn't pass the Intermediate (advanced) level coz I waited for approximately 7 hours before it was my turn so I was already zonked. My sista on the other hand did exceptionally well that day. Anyway, do drop by my bloggy some time okay & maybe leave some comments too. I love comments!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Latte said...

Hi Ricky,

Your training sounds tough but loads of fun! :)