Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Walk in the Park

Mom and I just came back from a great walk at one of our nearby parks. I get to walk and run on my flexi-lead - I love that! Mom lets me stop and sniff and run ahead of her. I especially love the grassy fields. I usually grab the end of my leash and then run in big circles around mom. A herding dog's dream! Tonight the park was full of people and dogs. Lots of kids doing soccer practice - in shorts and t-shirts even though the temperature was 52! People in Ohio are just so desperate for some warm springlike weather and any time we have a little sunshine, they get crazy and dress like it's summer! I met lots of dogs - big and little - including a tiny black miniature schnauzer puppy. Mom thought I was a tiny puppy when she first met me, but this puppy was the smallest we had ever seen. We also ran into a nice woman who is a member of our dog club. She had three BCs who were all off-leash (lucky dogs!) and wet from swimming in the casting pond! Mom has the hope that some day she will be able to have me off-leash too, but I will have to get over my fascination with cars - I'm trying but I'm not there yet!

Gotta zoom!


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