Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Last Two Weeks of Class

Mom has been busy doing everything but helping me to blog. We have been to two classes since we last wrote about my target. We brought the target to both classes. The first time our teacher suggested that mom cut the target down and make it much smaller and harder to see. She also wanted me to work on driving to the target. Target = Drive. And mom should say "Target" to me.

I was taught to do the agility equipment first and then run to the target. So like weaves to target. I got very confused when all I had to do was go straight to the target. We worked on that and it was so easy once I figured it out.

At the second class, we had my tiny target and for the first time ever, I cheated and went from doing some jumps with mom to skipping straight over to the chicken on the target. Ha! So now I have to learn that if I hear "Target", I can go to it. If I don't hear that word, I should do whatever else it is that mom wants. We did an exercise where my target was on the other side of a jump but I was not supposed to go to it - just jump and go to mom. That did not work at all! I couldn't understand why - if I jumped - I could not go to the chicken. Even if mom had chicken in her hand, it was not as valuable as chicken on the target. I kept trying things - like the DW, or the tunnel, or going to the teacher. Anything EXCEPT going back to mom. Guess what we are to work on for this week? :)

Mom is not sure where all this is going to lead. She always knew that fading the target was necessary. I guess I am supposed to think there could be a target anywhere and keep going fast just in case. I don't know - I am pretty smart and I think I would know if there were a target or not.

To be continued.........

Mom is doing something called The Rite of Spring at work next week and we have to miss our class! I am not happy about it but she needs the money to pay for more of my classes. :)

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Yes Ricky, you are Mr. Smartypants!

We just had targets reintroduced to our agility class, because all the dogs were blowing their contacts. Put the targets back, and everyone was back on track!

If dogs had a say, they would vote for targets, targets everywhere!

Diana said...

Ive never heard of baiting a target and not letting the dog get it if he did what he was suppose to. That may make him loose value for the target. I could see if the target was out there with nothing on it, thats ok. But Seem unfair to the dog to bait it but now he cant have it. Thats just my opinion. Esp. since Ricky is just getting excited for the game. You have the right to disagree with the teacher and tell her that you dont want to do that because you dont want Ricky to lose the drive he is showing in class. Again, that just my opinion. You have to do what you agree with.

Cowspotdog said...

You are just such a smart guy...why go through all that hard work when you can just go straight for the food!

Dawn said...

Boy, they shouldn't try to confuse a sheltie...cause shelties remember EVERYTHING. Glad you're back at school though...sorry about next week...but sometimes Moms just have to work.

Sagira said...

You are one smart pup to skip the jumps and go straight for the chicken haha

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Glad to see all is well in Ricky's world!

Moms are hard to khontrol!

Just sayin'


Unknown said...

I love TARGET as long as there are foods involved and I will go straight to my TARGETS.

You're one smart boy, Ricky!

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

Very interesting.....I can see the work is trying to transfer the value Ricky has for the target to the obstacles so they end up as valuable as the target....and it sort of sounds like when Silvia has people be able to put your treats on the ground and the dog should work until they are released to get if it feels like as the confusion is lifting as Ricky figures out the new game, if he keeps the enthusiasm up...maybe it is a cool plan....if he seems to be deciding it is no longer fun I would reassess - like working with any new plan-....good luck sounds like you guys are doing some real thinking out of the box to help Ricky, but you have super good instincts with him.....who is it that started the target work and built that up to begin with! You did! So trust your gut!
Bummer you'll miss class but hope your mom has fun!

corbinwooten said...

Very interesting! I bet you'll get it, Ricky, you're a very fast learner from what I've seen on your blog!

And tell your mom that we might be going to her "work thing" on Sunday. :)

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Now we are hungry for chicken. And we are reading this post at 4:30 am . Yum chicken.

Pippa Sheltie said...

Good to hear you're having fun at your classes! I'm sure your really impressive now! The weather here is nasty, so I have not started agility yet!
Pippa :)