Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday's class

In this week's class we practiced some course openings. First off we had to do a lead out push and then a forward motion front cross on the same sequence - the FMFC worked better for us. On the next sequence we had to try a FMFC and then a lead out pivot. We're going to try to make a video of this one to illustrate what we mean. It seemed that the two moves were very similar but with the lead out pivot there was no handler motion involved and with the FMFC there was handler motion. In this lead out pivot, the handler had her dog on the left and lead out past the plane of the jump (the dog was to take the back side of the second jump) - she called her dog to her left leg and then pivoted into a front cross and motioned the dog over the second jump.

We also talked a little about blind crosses which Jenn says are ok as long as the handler uses them at non-turning obstacles. So if your dog is in the weaves and you can get ahead, it is ok to BC - but the dog needs to still be weaving when you do it (the dog needs to still be performing any of the non-turning obstacles while you perform any cross). Otherwise you will slow your dog down as he exits as he will not know where to go next.

At the end of class, we practiced weave entries - one jump and then weaves - jumps started out easy and got harder. I got all my entries - no problem!!

Not the greatest video but hopefully it will give you an idea of what I am talking about. First mom tries a FMFC, then she tries the LOPivot but moves too soon and I jump the wrong direction. Then we do two better LOPs and one more FMFC.

BTW, here is a link to some shots of me in action at my last trial - click on the link and you'll see one picture and then under that there is a link to see the rest of the album. Mom loves the picture on the front and also the first one of me finishing the weaves.

Gotta zoom!



Kathy Mocharnuk said...

Some great exercises with only a few jumps, Ricky looks wonderful as always. I am going to have to try the LOP, I do not think we have done that in a long time, Thanks for posting those, ;-), I always enjoy hearing about your class so much-and I learn so much too!!! Love the picture over the jump where RIcky looks like he is waving, and the weaves are great, looks like he is really charging up the Aframe. I want some pictures of Breezer, but there has not been a photographer at any trials I have been to forever, grrrrr. Kathy

Dove said...

Awesome job Ricky geez we need to work on that kinda stuff
Ya Ricky looks complicated
OOOH Ricky your bark is soooo cute

Unknown said...

Ooh wow Ricky! You are really doing so awesome in your agility!!!! Good job with it! And that picture is just....WOW!

Sara said...

Are you and your mom doing agility or ballet? You both look so graceful and sychronized in that video.

I see lots of people doing the lead out pivot, but it doesn't always work for them. Ricky did it perfectly.

Great photos from the trial. Ricky looks like he's having so much fun!

Sagira said...

Awesome job Ricky!

LOVE that photo. My dad was helping with the photography that day to :)

Diana said...

Great video, I cant wait to try them. Love the picture of Ricky and the weaves. Diana

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Great job AGAIN!

Thanks fur sharing it!


Sam said...

Nice work. We worked on serps, front crosses and lead out pivots last night so this is especially relevant for us to read about!

We're the same as you with the blind crosses - generally OK at weaves and tunnels, never over jumps.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Great videos! Your videos really help me remember things, because reading about FMFCs and LOPs are one thing, but actually seeing them back to back is much more helpful for seeing the difference.

Loved the pictures on the web site, too! That's one of my favorite things about trials, the awesome action shots.

Xsara and Tani said...

we did a similar thing last week, but I'm not sure if waiting on the start-line will work for Tani ... she is so nervous, specially on trials. I might have to settle for flying starts, we'll see. This is a very nice excercise indeed, well done!

Marie said...

Thank your mom again for always taking time to video an example of what you worked on at class. It's so interesting to be able to see it firsthand.

Also, loved the photos!

Morganne said...

I remember doing the LOP when Jenn was down here last February. It was difficult and I made the same mistake you did the first time.