Thursday, September 4, 2008


So Tuesday evening we went on a little road trip to a small town about an hour from here so that mom could play in a concert in the park. I got to go and grandpa and grandma went too - as a matter of fact, they were kind enough to drive me and mom there!

This town is so small that they don't even have fast-food restaurants. We stopped at an ice cream shack and had sandwiches. Well, not me - as you can see by the humongous yawn, I am bored with the whole "ice cream place" thing. Been there, done that!

After our little dinner, it was on to the park. I was a model concert-goer sitting there with grandpa and grandma!
Here I am watching the action and listening to the beautiful music!
And there's my mom and her friends playing their hearts out! It was a nice little park for a concert and the people there seemed to really enjoy it.

Boy the weather has been so terribly HOT here the past few days! Mom and I have been spending most of the afternoons indoors. Tonight is our first beginning intermediate agility class at a new training facility - where we went for our private lesson. Thank goodness this place is air conditioned! We are really looking forward to being in a class again. We'll see what we learn tonight!

Gotta zoom!



Cowspotdog said...

Excellent adventure there little buddy.......that is so cool seeing you watching your mom.

And guess what else - you have been nominated for a Gold Paw Award! for blogging excellance. And don't have to send it to anyone else!!!!! How cool is that.

To add the award to the page, simply go to 'customise' the 'add a gadget' and then choose picture. Then where you see 'image' click on 'from the web' and add this code in

Make sure you "untick" the 'shrink to fit' otherwise your paw won't sparkle!!!

I am going to be away for the next 8 days so have a great week!!!

Cowspotdog said...

Looks like part of the code is missing.....

Johann The Dog said...

What fun! If my Mum played I'd be howling, that's what I do when she gets her flute out. Aaarrrrrooooooo!

You were so good, and glad your Mum got a cool gig.

Woofs, Johann