Saturday, June 21, 2008

Agility Level 1 Class 6

Wednesday night was our 6th level 1 agility class. We went early again to work on the chute and the broad jump. Mom put a strawberry on the target again and held the chute open a little and called me through. Then she put the chute on the ground and said "Go chute!" and I did it! I knew that piece of strawberry was waiting for me on the other side and I just went for it! I did it three times in a row! Then we set up the broad jump and I jumped right over it. So the broad jump that Grandpa made for me to practice with at home must be working.

When class started, we worked on sequences of three obstacles. Like broad jump, tunnel, a-frame. I didn't have any problems with the broad jump in the class. When it was my turn to do the chute, however, I didn't want to go through again. Maybe too many people hovering nearby or too much noise or since it was at the end of the class, maybe I was just tired out. Thankfully though it was much cooler in the building than the previous two weeks, and I had a lot more get up and go as a result.

Next week is our last class and we are going to do a course for graduation. Supposedly little sequences where we can stop in between if we need to. Mom is hoping we might be able to go through the entire course like a run-through. We'll see what it is like when we get there.

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