Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise!

The other day we got the most wonderful surprise in the mail! A package from our good blogging friend Eva the Sheltie! Here's what we found inside:

A gorgeous photo of Eva taken during her recent vacation at the beach:

A super cool postcard with Yehudi Menuhin on the front - he was a famous violinist - and mom and Rosie (Eva's sister) are both musicians! There was a very nice note written on the card too!

Mom got this beautiful shell bracelet:

And I got a bandanna! The red colors look really good against my black fur but I am not a fan of this bandanna - LOL! Eva did an awesome job of wearing hers for a photo shoot not too long ago - we tried but I was not very cooperative!

Thank you so much Priscilla, Rosie and Eva for brightening our day with such special gifts from special good friends! If you all don't know Eva, please go to her blog and say hi! They are having a difficult time right now because Eva's dog brother Mika was hit by a car and is trying to recover from his injuries. They think he will be ok but he has most likely lost the use of one of his legs.

A post about this week's class coming soon, I promise!

Gotta zoom!



Marie said...

My goodness, your mom sure is inventive with her use of that huge bandana. LOL You are a good sport.

It's such fun to get a package in the mail. :-)

Kathy said...

whooo hoooo!!! That is a VERY nice suprise. What a fantastic model Ricky is, he looks very cooperative and patient!

Diana said...

what a wonderful surpirse. I think Ricky did a great job wearing the bandanas. Diana

Sara said...

What beautiful gifts!

Ricky you look so handsome in your bandana! Maybe if you wear it more often, you'll start to appreciate it. I'm sure the chicks will dig it.

Morganne said...

Surprises are the BEST!

Priscilla said...

Hey Ricky,

I'm sorry you don't look to happy wearing the bandanna. I mean, well, your face tells it all - "Mom, when can I get this off me?"

Tell your mom that she can use the bandanna for decorations, like you can place it in the middle of the table and put a flower on it, or something.

Life with 5 dogs said...

Hello we are your newest followers!
Love your presents they are great!
Your Friends at

Dawn said...

Oh Ricky! You are so funny, your face says "OK Mom, WHATEVER!" Very nice surprise!!!! We hope Eva's dog brother gets well!!

Dynomite said...

Lol Love the Bandana Ricky I got one of my own that says what happens on the walk stays on the walk what ever that means...
I wuv it Ricky nIce piCTure too very pWetty
Wow Ricky you look soo elegant in that and that picture is petite
I don't understand half of what Bella Says...
~ Dyno

Sagira said...

Wow, that was so nice of them to send you all those beautiful things. :)