Thursday, August 5, 2010

tRicky T-Day!

First of all, did you see all the participants in my training challenge? We listed them on the side of our blog - if we got any wrong, let us know. Also if anybody else wants in on the challenge, there is still time! I will be posting about my challenge on Sunday. Actually,we haven't even decided what that challenge is going to be yet. But the weather is supposed to cool off a little after today (but back to HOT by Monday) and that should make getting out there easier!

Today's tRicky T-Day is another trick in progress! So that just means we can make video after video of it as we get better. LOL! I have been super slow to do a handstand so mom is morphing it into another trick - eventually she hopes I will first do the handstand on my own. Once when we tried the other day, I did lift my back leg and then kick up - so I am close! It's hard to see in the video, but mom waits for me to lift my leg a little or at least shift the weight - she is not just grabbing my foot and lifting it up.

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Love it! We did the wheelbarrow as kids. Never thought of doing it with my dog. What a great idea.

I hope it cools down soon. I am getting very lazy!

Kathy said...

That looks fantastic, my friend taught that to her dogs but she had them back up against a wall and sort of climb it, I hadnt thought to pick up their feet, it looks like it is working really well, good job!!! You can tell on the video he is sort of shifting and picking up his feet,what a smart boy and think how pumped up his shoulders and back will be.

Sagira said...

Ricky you are so good with your mom, so patient and always trusting her to teach you new things. :)

I think the challenge sounds like fun, but checked with dad and right now he wants to focus on trying to get my excellent title first and doesn't want to through too much at me and confuse me. We are going to be working on my weaves, we just set them up in the back yard but I don't like to weave in my back yard, my yard is for Frisbee playing, doesn't he know that?

Priscilla said...

Well done with your wheelbarrow trick, Ricky. Hope you can do a handstand one day!!!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Are woo going to teach your mom too?


Priscilla said...

Woops! I just realised I didn't reply to your comment.
I'm afraid we aren't doing the training challenge with Eva :( Too much pressure there lol!!!!! :D

Nat said...

We do wheelbarrows every day for front-leg strengthening! We do it in the park...I've seen people walking or biking by have a good stare, LOL!

I think doing wheelbarrows will be great to strengthen the muscles you need to do handstands, good job!

Dawn said...

I don't think Katie would let me do this trick! LOL!