Sunday, August 22, 2010

COSSA AKC Trial Sunday

Great dog, shame about the handler....

Today I did the chute (no refusal or anything)!! WooHoo for me!!!!!! Lots of my friends cheered for me when I went through and that was so nice! Then when we were almost at the end of our standard run - just two jumps away - mom was running helter skelter and couldn't get me over the last two jumps. Everyone groaned! I would've had a Q if mom could've gotten her act together!

Then in JWW, mom got totally lost at #4 and instead of heading to #5, she went off to #12 and took forever to figure out what had happened - then when she finally showed me we needed to go to #5, she took off running and so did I and we completed the course like a real agility team - mom ran with me like she does at home or in classes. It was really fun and once again, Iwould've had a Q if it weren't for mom!

Mom thinks this was my best trial weekend ever even though we were 0 for 4. I ran with more confidence than ever and so it was a great experience for both of us! We want to try to run our hearts out (like we did for most of the JWW run today) and try not to worry about whether or not we Q. Because running fast is so much fun!

Gotta zoom!



Sagira said...

Sorry we didn't see you guys today. Looks like you did have some nice runs. Bummer about the no Q's but you're right, as long as the runs were nice it doesn't really matter if you got a ribbon or not. We went 2 for 4 but were still super happy with the 2 that were not Qs as well.

Diana said...

Whoohooooooo on the chute!!!!!!! I wanted to jump up and down and cheer when I saw it. Great run! Love the a-frame, Im so jealous! And the jumpers run, wow, awesome. Look at that distance at the weaves. Whoohoo, congrats on the weekend, sorry you got lost on course, it happens to all of us. Diana

Sara said...

Holy crap! Your weaves in your standard run! They were incredible! And the chute? Well! That was the BEST!

Congratulations on 4 fantastic runs! Boy, have you come far this summer. Amazing, amazing job.

So, so proud of you!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

As long as WOO had fun, that's what matters most!


Priscilla said...

Fast is good! LOL

Tell your mom not to beat herself up too much about it!!!

We're super proud of both of you!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Woo hoo Ricky!! So great that you did the chute right away. We loved seeing the videos!

Don't be too hard on your mom - I apologize to Layla the whole ride home sometimes (even though my instructors tell me not to, because then she'll think SHE did something wrong), and it's hard work! I'm very scared to think of moving up to Open, let alone Excellent. I saw my handling in a video and it was so ugly, I'm actually scared now :( Your mom is awesome, trust me!

Dawn said...

Awwww Ricky!!!!! Great job! Just remember that it's harder for us human moms to keep so much information in our heads than it is for you doggy types.

As long as you had fun, that's all that matters! LOVED the chute!

Morganne said...

Very nice! You too are becoming a team!

Some of my most awesome runs have been NQ's!

Marie said...

I agree. This is your best trial so far! You looked great, and I bet your mom doesn't get lost at the next trial.

It happens to all of us. I did it at the DOCNA Championships last year. Forgot a whole loop of the jumpers course and NQ'd Zoe. LOL Silly moms!

Pepper said...

We think you did super awesome Ricki, I'm sure your mum will catch up to your awesomeness in no time (hehe) I was so happy to see you zip through the chute and agree with others that your weaves were super

andrea said...

congrats on the chute - Thea and I both think that's a BIG deal :)

sounds like a great weekend