Sunday, August 15, 2010

Training Challenge #2

We went out and got our training challenge done on Monday of this past week because we knew the weather was going to get hotter and hotter as the week went on. Mom took me to a part of my favorite park that we never go to - it was at the end of the library parking lot and across from ball fields and the tennis courts. She brought a jump, a tunnel and my 2X2 weaves.

So in the video, behind the camera is the parking lot (not many cars moving around on that end - that's why mom hoped it was safe enough - but there were park workers who were emptying trash cans), to the left of us were tennis courts and kids at a tennis camp, and behind us were girls at lacrosse practice. None of this bothered me - I just did my agility!!

We were invaded by ants this week - little, itty bitty ants every where! Mom discovered them last Saturday under the carpet at the back door. She cleaned them up and then a couple days later, they were in the food cabinet in the kitchen! Then a few mornings ago, they were in the toaster - for crying out loud! Mom has been beside herself and finally had to call a bug guy. She was trying vinegar and then baby powder and she kept seeing them coming into the house from the patio, so the bug guy came and mom had strict instructions for him on how much (or really how little) he was allowed to spray because she really didn't want him to spray at all. He did the perimeter of the house and very little inside. That was Friday and she is still finding a few ants in the kitchen and yesterday morning she was shocked to see a big trail of ants marching to and from the house across the patio and right through the area where the spray was!! If the situation doesn't improve, she'll have to call the bug guy again tomorrow. I hope those ants stop coming in because I am tired of hearing her whine about it! Funny, last summer we barely saw one ant in the yard. The bug guy said that all the snow we had last winter (remember in February when the ground was covered for the entire month?) insulated the bugs in the ground. Great.

I love the posts about this week's training challenges that I have seen so far! Can't wait to see what other dogs did! We are loving the TC - it's so nice to be motivated by such supportive friends!

Gotta zoom!




Sara said...

Wow, your mom brought a lot of stuff to the park. I thought lugging the tunnel around was a pain. I can't imagine bringing a jump and weave poles too.

You did great Ricky! You even went so fast, the tunnel moved out from under you. Nice!

Hope the pesky critters go away.

Diana said...

Wow, Ricky really knows his job. If I left Miley in the weaves like that, she would say, "screw this" pop out and coming running after me. lol. Great job. You might want to put out some ant traps on the counters and in cabinets. That way you arent spraying and Ricky cant get the traps. Maybe that will help. Diana

Priscilla said...

I gotta say. That's great exercise for your mom!

Sorry about the ant invasion. Sometimes, we use ant poison by leaving it near their nest so when they carry it back to their nest, and all the ants feast on it (because they think it's food), they'll die. Grim I know :D
You have to be careful you don't eat them though, I doubt they're good for dogs :)

Thanks for your tips and info about the Gentle leader. Now I'll think twice before buying it LOL :)

Marie said...

Very nice! Your mom really got to moving there towards the end of the video and I thought the same thing as Diana, my dogs would pop out to chase me. LOL What a good weaver you are!

Hope the ants find somewhere else to live soon!

Dawn said...

Yep you are a consummate professional agility guy Ricky! Nothing distracts you from the task at hand! Good job!!

I've used ant traps on the counter and in the cabinet under the sink as well when we had ants. That worked and it would be up and away from you Ricky. OF course if you don't actually HAVE ants on the counter and in the cabinet under the sink,well, it won't work so good! LOL!

Kathy said...

Yea, Good job Ricky!!! Those ants must be having a good year this year, we have a TON all over the house, it is horrible, but then again they are all over the agility yard, they are all over the front yard and there are some horrible biters, they really hurt. I do not remember this many ants the last few years...

Nat said...

Good for you for ignoring all of those distractions and just focusing on agility!!

katie said...

wow Ricky that what some impressive weaving. I am a total weaving neophyte but it looked good to me! And such good distractions too, you must have very good powers of concentration!

Sagira said...

Ricky, did you invite the ants in and not tell your mom? Trying to have a PAWTY over there? BOL

Great job on the training challenge. Keep it up! :)

'de Boys' - Brutus and Tytus said...

We weren't able to view the video for some reason, but what a great job on staying focused with all of the distractions around you. We will try later on watching the video.