Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday's class

Yesterday we started a new session of our Tuesday morning agility class! The class was all about what Jenn calls parallel rear crosses - a rear cross where you approach the jump from one end instead of straight towards the jump bar. When you do a regular rear cross, the handler keeps her shoulders straight and facing forward so it is easy for the dog to see the jump and go ahead towards it. With a parallel rear cross, the handler drives towards the end of the jump and has to turn her shoulders and invite the dog over the jump to the side. Timing is everything - the handler has to hesitate slightly to allow the dog to see the jump and to go ahead of the handler. It is ok to use the dog's name as a directive (never as an after-the-fact-turn-now panic command - LOL!). So if you are doing a parallel RC and you need the dog's attention and aren't sure you'll get it with hesitation alone, you should say the dog's name before they commit to the jump. ( In our case though, it would probably pull me off the jump if mom said my name because I don't have tons of obstacle focus).

Confused? Well we made a video that will make everything totally clear - LOL! Any way on the video (done in Ricky-time slow-motion so you can see it all the first time):

1. parallel rear cross exercise with one jump - turn shoulder and let dog go ahead and then drive forward (although for me, I watch mom's feet more than her shoulder and you will see her feet point toward the jump)

2. pinwheel exercise - go around a pinwheel twice keeping the dog on the same side and sending them to the middle jump and then the third time, do a parallel rear cross at the middle jump

3. parallel rear cross sequence - the jumps are closer together than in class but the set up is similar - we have trouble with the rear cross at the 3rd jump - if mom doesn't keep moving forward, I back jump.

4. Two exercises - one where you want the dog to drive forward after the parallel RC and the next where you want a turn and you need to hesitate more (not bend over like mom does) and you can call the dog's name if you need to.

5. the sequence again from a different angle and with a little added on at the end.

The class ended with some work on the handler moving laterally away from the dog in the weave poles. I am really good at that, so I did some showing off! Most of the class went well for me - I was sniffy at the very beginning (during the first try at the pinwheel) and mom told me to quit it and I did. Mom thought the class was fantastic and she learned so much and is so grateful that we get to work with Jenn every week. It is such a privilege!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Cool stuff. Ricky really doesn't seem to think twice about you moving behind him.

After that last rear cross, he really got excited and started moving fast!

Thanks for being the demonstrator dog Ricky, otherwise I would be sitting here with my eyes glazed over, going, "huh?"

Dawn said...

WOW Ricky! You sure speed up at the end don't you! You are a very good demonstration dog!

Sagira said...

Those are some nice moves Ricky. Can you come teach me how to do the weaves that fast?

Diana said...

very well done. We arent good at those. I call those elevator passes when you are right on the dog when you cross. Thanks for the vidoe class, LOL. Diana

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Maybe woo khan do enough zoomie weaves to budge this nasty weather!

Great job!


Priscilla said...

Hey Ricky & mom,

We'd love to have your (home) address if that's ok! Please email me (go to my profile page, there's an email button).

Morganne said...

Great demo! We practice those too but didn't know they were called Parallel RC's.

Kathy said...

Wow, thanks for making that video, I hope you dont mind I downloaded it onto my ipod so Breeze and I can practice those same sequences, that is the one type of rear cross that we have messed up on bad at the last trial, and we have not worked with that type much, and I was not sure how it fit in with the linda M stuff, so I am excited to work on those. Sounds like a fantastic class, and glad you are back to school!!!

Marie said...

Well, I'm terrible at rear crosses. I hope to do a better job at training Dare what a rear cross is than I did with Zoe 9 years ago. LOL In fact we are doing baby rear crosses on just one jump right now.

Love the video each week to help me visualize the class exercises. It's awesome.