Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's class

No big class recap today or video - I know, I'm sorry. But we didn't have a theme for the class or a special skill to work on - everyone is entered in a local trial this weekend and Jenn wanted us to run some sequences and work on how we would handle each one for our own dog (instead of her dictating what handling we would use). She also wanted us to get on all the equipment and she had the chute out so I got to do it 3 times in sequences. I am still not barreling through it gung-ho BUT I did it all 3 times without refusals. There is hope for me yet - :)

A few thoughts from today:

1. the chute as part of a serpentine - the chute is a turning obstacle so you have to let the dog know which direction they will be going when they come out before they go in! If you can't use lateral motion or deceleration (like if it is part of a serpentine), you can use a shoulder turn as you send the dog in. (maybe we could make a chute serpentine video?)

2. Turning obstacles (rely on handler motion)- jumps, straight tunnel, chute
Nonturning obstacles (dog ignores handler motion and completes obstacle independently) - dogwalk, aframe, teeter, table, weaves, curved tunnel (the curve of the tunnel determines the dog's lead)

3. More work on using the dog's name on tunnel entrance discrimination

4. Know whether you are using a rear cross on the flat or a rear cross at an obstacle (when do you get your outside arm up?)

5. Independent aframe - know the difference between lateral distance and lateral motion. If your dog has a "running" aframe and you need some lateral distance, don't be right next to the dog when you send him up the aframe - be the lateral distance away that you want to be at the end so you don't pull the dog off the side of the aframe.

I ran my best the very first sequence we tried - which is awesome because the first go is usually my worst! The second sequence I was a little squirrelly - not sniffy - but distracted. The last sequence was ok but mom pulled me off a jump. My weaves each time were very fast for away-from-home weaves! When we practiced the lateral distance from the aframe, I hit the contacts every time! The only contact I like to jump is the down on the dogwalk. Mom will probably have to babysit that one always. We practice at home with a hoop but whenever mom removes the hoop, I launch off the end.

Well, there was more info to report than I thought! LOL!

Gotta zoom!



Dawn said...

Wow Ricky, we're still trying to figure out all the obstacles! You're learning so much!

Diana said...

Congrats on the chute , three times!!! whoohoo! Sounds like you all are doing really well and learning so much. Diana

Priscilla said...

Awesome agility tips!
Now I wish we did agility with Eva because all of you know so much about it :)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo sure know lots of big words fur a young khanine!

AND woo are furry talented as well!


Sara said...

I'm so proud of you doing the chute three times! That's awesome Ricky! AND fast weaves! Whoo Hoo!

Kathy said...

Sounds like a really happy class to have right before the trial too!!! I have to remember the chute is a turning obstacle, ....I think I always have them getting tangled up in the back of my mind so I get afraid to think about where they are going afterwards so they dont try to not come straight out....can anyone say worry wort? LOL. yea for contacts when mom is lateral, whoo hooo, and who is not tempted to leap off a dog walk? LOL.

Morganne said...

That is a great tip about having lateral distance from the contact before instead of peeling away as the descend the downramp. I will have to remember that when Soleil is running her contacts.

Sagira said...

Ricky, you guys always seem to learn so much every week.

Yep, we will see you in just a few short days at the OSU trial. :)

Marie said...

Yep, there was a lot of information packed into that report! Thanks as always for sharing it with us.