Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Walk in the Park

We're having yet another gorgeous day here! High temperatures are 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. The warm weather has really brought out the flowers and flowering trees and greened up the grass. Dad even had to mow yesterday!

I'm still not feeling 100%, I think. Mom and I went to my favorite park for a walk today and I did ok - I mean no limping - but towards the end of the walk I got tired. Maybe it was the heat? Mom still keeps looking at me and wondering if I am putting all of my weight on my left leg. But I am running and playing like normal for the most part. Oh, I almost forgot - Dawn had asked me if we are still working on my emergency whistle recall - yes, we are but probably not as often as we should. Mom surprised me with it twice today and I went immediately to her. Actually the huge rate of reinforcement has strengthened my everyday recall too!

Beautiful magnolia:
Dutchman's Breeches:
This yellow flower is all over the park at this time of year. You might think it's dandelion but
it's really a wildflower called lesser celandine:
Taking a break (actually not yet - I am posing - when we take a break I lie down under the bench on the cool ground):

Still undecided about my trial on Saturday - guess time will tell.

Gotta zoom!



Fizz said...

Looks like a great walk Ricky, and great weather too. I think I've forgotten what sunshine looks like!

I hope your leg's ok. Maybe you've just strained a muscle - like when humans over do it in the gym, everything feels sore for a few days.

Sending lots of healing hugs!
Fizz xx

Anonymous said...

Wow so pretty! It is snowing here today. I don't mind it but the Mum doesnt' like it anymore!

Sara said...

Looks like a beautiful day! It is dark and rainy here today, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 80. Guess your weather is making its way here.

I think all the dogs are having trouble getting used to this sudden increase in activity due to the unusually warm spring, and are showing signs of being tired. I hope that is all it is with Ricky, and that he's not still sore.

Diana said...

I agree with Sara. The fast warm up hasnt given the dogs time to adjust. Miley was struggling yesterday but today seems better. I hope Ricky continues to improve. Diana

elbouwii said...

nice parc ricky

hope you pee alot :p

El'bow & Hauwii

Morganne said...

My dogs don't adjust well to sudden hot temps in the Spring. Beautiful photos (love the tropical flowers).

The Thundering Herd said...

Great walk and glad to hear the leg appears to be getting better. Take the healing time!

Nat said...

That weather is looking beautiful. The grass is unbelievably green! I'm glad your leg is feeling better :) Thanks for the comment; I really do hope that Wall-e just has a sore leg and I hope that's all it is with yours, too!

Nat said...

Meant to add -- I'll write a post about that soundness test :)

Dawn said...

I hope every day is a better day Ricky! Wish you little guys could talk and tell us what's really up! Glad you remember the emergency recall! That's the most important thing, don't you think? You look adorable on that bench, hope you had a good rest underneath it once the Mom got all done with that camera thingy!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

The heat is TOOOOO much fur this Siberian!

We want Spring bakhk!

Thanks fur sharing your pikhs!

The trees have bloomed too khwikhkly - woo wouldn't believe all the cherry blossom snow we have already - it is sad -

I hope will take it easy and get better!!!


Sam said...

Looks like an awesome day in the park. It has been warm here, too, and Marge has been tiring more quickly - I'd be willing to bet that it was the heat that got to you.

If your Mom picks up the bad leg, will it lift easier than the opposite leg? When Marge was hurt, it was much easier to pick up the bad leg, since she put all a lot of weight into the other leg.

Priscilla said...

Looks like you had a great day at the beautiful park. So sunny, where did all the snow go?
Ricky is such a good boy with his whistle recall. Eva doesn't even come to us when called even in her own garden, instead she runs away from us. We don't really know how to teach recalls.

Marie said...

Love the pictures! Made me feel a little warmer just to see all the green grass and beautiful flowers. :-)

Nice to hear that the recall work is going well too. The girls got to work on recalls on our walk today too. Zoe had a hard time recalling off the roadkill she found. Yuck! She did come though. But it was rather reluctantly. LOL

Sagira said...

Are you at the AKC trial for CATC Saturday? We will be there. It is Sagira's first AKC trial.