Friday, April 23, 2010

POTC Trial Friday

Nice and quiet trial today - not many people since it was a Friday. The trial started at 10:00 and we were all done at 2:30. Pretty good, if you ask me. My first run was Exc. A STD. This was my third try to get a Q (remember in my first two tries, I wouldn't do that chute/shoot!). There were a few tricky spots in this course - the weave entry (because of that dummy jump), the table and the chute were really close together (doesn't bother me since I am definitely not a chute-sucker!), and the wrap of #16 to get back to #17. But mom watched lots of runs and felt confident we could handle it. And we did! I did not start off fast (no surprise, right?) but I did the chute (slowly) and then finished the course well! We got a Q and first place and were the only 12" Exc. A team to qualify ( out of @ 6?)! But I barely made it - the STC was 70 and my time was 72.81 but we found out you can have time faults in Exc. A! So my score was 94. Whew!

Next up was Exc. B JWW. We watched a lot of runs of this course too and mom felt pretty good about it. One thing though, the start line was right next to the ring gate and the door to leave the room to go to the other ring. We didn't like that much. This is the first course where we had to do two pinwheels and a serpentine too. Interesting. One tricky part was back in the left-hand corner with #14 (and a dummy jump straight ahead) and #15 to the tunnel. When it was our turn we started out slowish and mom front crossed after #3 and then turned her head away from me to look where she was going and she forgot about me and I skipped #4 and just followed after her. Then we skipped #5. I jumped 6 and didn't feel like doing #7 so I didn't! Mom was like in shock or something, so she didn't reconnect with me until around the weaves. Once we did connect again, things went well and we finished the difficult parts without problems. It's all there in the video - not a pretty sight!

So a good day, all in all. Mom says she learned a lot from the JWW run and she'll try not to make those mistakes again! Grandma went with us today and we had a good time visiting with her! She also did the video-ing - thanks Grandma! We go back to the same place on Sunday and we'll try again and see how it all goes!

Gotta zoom!



Diana said...

Congrats on your "Q", it was a great run. Sorry about the JWW but its still looked pretty good. I really like how you handled the end. Diana

Sara said...

The best part of your runs was when you missed that 4th jump in the JWW run, mom just kept going like nothing had happened. That was awesome. Ricky didn't look like he lost any confidence at all. Good for you for keeping it a positive situation.

Of course, getting first & Q in your standard run & doing the CHUTE is pretty cool too!!! That was a tricky course (don't you hate when they start with a tunnel), but not too tricky for Ricky!

Rest up tomorrow, and good luck on Sunday!

Sam said...

Congratulations on your Q. You were just barely over time, and I think you did a great job! You even picked up some nice speed some places on that course. Sorry about JWW, but like Mom said, it's always a learning experience!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats on your perFURmance!

Thanks fur sharing it with us!


Dawn said...

Ricky you are just marvelous! Katie says GOOD LUCK on Sunday! And congratulations for getting through that pesky chute/shoot!

Kathy said...

Whooooo HOoooooo, that was a terrific chute-a real personal victory. Really nice dog walk. Congrats on your Q and those great runs, hope you got some really lovely treats! I LOVE how your mom just went with your course Ricky and kept your confidence up, that is so cool. I cant wait to hear how it goes on Sunday, we will be thinking of you and sending good luck vibes.

Nicki said...

Great job. Those excellent Qs can be tough to get

Charma Tumbleweed said...

Great job!

Sagira said...

Congrats on your Q!

And it is okay, we all make mistakes and have off runs. I think that second room in the field house is very dark and kind of scary anyway.

Morganne said...

Awesome runs!