Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ouch that double hurts!

We went back for another day of the trial today - just me and mom because grandma couldn't go. It has been a long time since we have been to a trial without grandma! I missed her!

Any way, first up, Exc A STD. We weren't particularly worried about any of the course. But I knocked a bar on the double jump (#4) and it really hurt! I was surprised and it threw me and I refused to do some jumps and then refused the chute and then definitely I was not doing the triple or the panel jump (#14 and #16). So big NQ there! Mom was all worried wondering if I were hurt or not and wondering if we should stay and do the JWW run.

But I was physically fine. So next up was Exc.B JWW. Mom barely walked the course and was just concerned with getting me back out there and back up on the horse and in the saddle again as they say. The #3 obstacle was a big old double so mom was concerned if I would do it. We went out there and I jumped every jump (but not with gusto) and mom remembered all of the course despite her lack of preparation, but I didn't feel like jumping #14, so I just walked on by it. Hmmm....can't tell you why. But that blew the Q! Mom says she doesn't even care because she was just happy that I did as well as I did.


So that was our second day. Not much to write home about. We were finished by 1:15 but stayed to watch some friends run in the 8" class. When we got in the car to leave, it started raining really hard and then hailing! The hail was super loud hitting the roof of the car and mom had to pull over and stop driving until the hail let up. Fortunately it didn't last long and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

Gotta zoom!



Sam said...

Sorry about Std! Sounds like that must have been painful, so it wasn't your fault that you didn't Q. JWW was a nice run - you really picked up your speed, I'd be happy if i were mom, too!

Sara said...

Ricky, I think your mom should tell that standard run judge to stop doing the YMCA dance during your run. It was very distracting, especially after you hit your legs and all.

That JWW run looked great! You looked much happier, especially toward the end, you were bouncing right along.

Great job you two!

Diana said...

Im so glad Rickey wasnt hurt. How nerve racking. The jumpers run looked great!! Good for you guys! Diana

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Sorry fur the double ouch!

Paws khrossed fur better times NEXT time!


Kathy said...

Oh Ricky Breeze wants you to know she knows how much hitting those bars can HURT! Breeze did that on the second to last jump a few trials ago and walked off the course limping, it was obvious how much it hurt. I am so glad there was no serious injury-butt that had to be a little scary. Ricky you are lucky to have such a great mom, she really did some beautiful handling and I noticed she kept the mood up wonderfully and helped you get back into the game....terrific job.

Dawn said...

Hey Ricky! Darn that bar anyway! Glad you weren't hurt!! Your mom sure keeps your spirits up doesn't she! Good job on that jumpers run!

Marie said...

Ricky, I'm so glad you weren't hurt! I was also really relieved to see that you came back in for your JWW run with so much enthusiasm. Good for you!

Priscilla said...

Oww. That must have been a scary experience for your mom. I'm so glad everything was still ok after that. Keep your spirits up!!

Sagira said...


You'll get em next time Ricky!

Xsara and Tani said...

I agree, hitting a bar hurts, both of my dogs know that. I'm glad you didn't get hurt!!!! Tani and Xsara send you hugs :)