Saturday, April 4, 2009

You'll never guess

I had to cancel going to my trial because I have been having bad diarrhea since yesterday. I had a little in the afternoon and then after dinner. But then last night I was up every three hours feeling like I had to go - it is so runny (I know this is gross) that it sticks all over me on the way out. I also strain to go and not much comes out. Mom and I didn't sleep at all. We have a call into our vet. So we'll see what she says. Other than that, yesterday I felt fine - ran around, played, barked, did agility, ate, drank - everything like I normally do. This morning I am confused as to why I haven't had breakfast yet, and I'm a little sleepy. Of all days......not that there is ever a good day to be sick.

Possible causes? Caught a bug from a dog - was around dogs in two classes and of course the Pet Expo? Or a rawhide chewie stick (not big - size and width of a pencil). Mom hardly ever gives me one but I had one a week ago today. Usually I only eat half at a time but I was quick and ate the whole thing before Mom could take it from me. Could it be stuck in my intestines somewhere after a week? Gosh I hope not!

So our second trial experience will have to wait. Next possible date - May 9 and 10......

Gotta go rest,



Sara said...

Poor Ricky :( Hope you are feeling better soon.

Dawn said...

Ludo is sick too...maybe it's a doggie flu! Hope you are feeling better. So sad about the trial, but there will be more, and at least it's Saturday and your Mom can be with you instead of at work...I hope!