Saturday, April 4, 2009

I have clostridium perfringens

We just came back from seeing my vet Dr. Jan. She checked me all over - good thing is I don't have a blockage. But she did tests on my fecal sample (poop - why not just say it like it is) and found I have an overgrowth of a bacteria called clostridium perfringens. It is causing colitis and that is causing the diarrhea. So apparently we all have this bacteria in our system - it's part of the normal flora. But something triggers it to over grow - stress, diet change, etc. I might have gotten too much from eating bunny poop or mulch or even from sniffing animal droppings. Dr. Jan gave me an antibiotic and some special bland diet canned food. I am supposed to have nothing but that food for the next 24 hours. I don't mind too much because it tastes good. Hopefully if the diarrhea stops, I'll feel better really soon. We also have to check to see if the food I eat regularly has enough fiber in it. Colits can often be managed with more fiber in the diet.

We are very bummed to be missing the trial. Of all times for this to happen. But we know there will be plenty more trials and mom says she's happy that there is not something more seriously wrong with me.

How weird that my buddy Ludo is sick today and has colitis too! I sure hope he feels better soon! Maybe colitis is a Sheltie thing?

Gotta get some rest,



Sara said...

Glad you know what is wrong with you, and it is nothing too serious. Although the vet gave you lots of fancy words in your diagnosis :)

Misty has to have fiber added to her diet. My vet recommended canned pumpkin - plain (not spiced), to start. Misty loves it! Green beans also have lots of fiber. Misty loves those too, but Oreo won't eat them at all!

Hope you are feeling better soon Ricky, so you can get back to zoomin'!

Nat said...

Aww Ricky, that's really too bad about your trial! Hope you feel better soon!!

Diana said...

Sorry about the trial. Hope Ricky feels better soon. Diana

Irish Hill Shelties said...

Ricky we hope you are feeling better soon. Rest and think about the next trialyou will be in hopfully very soon

Josh and Jess said...

Hi Ricky! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well (again). You know, we're beginning to think colitis is a Sheltie-thing because we've had it twice already and so many of our Sheltie friends keep coming down with it. Good thing is, the second time round it isn't as scary for your Mom!

Love, Josh and Jess

Dawn said...

Hope you're feeling better today RIcky! And glad to know it is not too serious, though anytime a Sheltie has diarrhea it's not a pretty picture! I'm sure you will do extra specially well at the next trial, you'll have more time to practice! Katie sends hugs!

Ludo van puppy said...

Not you too Ricky! I think the worst part be all the cleaning up we has to have when we have poorly tums. :( Hope you is feeling better now. It really must be a sheltie thing to have sensitive tums. Our vet advised us to have some breakfast cereal like shredded wheat added to my bland food for more fibre, sadly pumpkin is not very available over here.
~lickies, Ludo

Johann The Dog said...

Dang! You had to miss your trial, that stinks!

I sure hope you feel better. When I was about 1 year old we found out I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Luckily we found out right away what triggered it (some of the treats with not so good ingredients that the old neighbor dude was giving me). Now it's super manageable. Maybe it is a sheltie thing, interesting!

Mum gives me yogurt everyday and I think that helps too. I've heard that shelties have tummy troubles because they are hyper excitable, maybe that's it for us? How knows, huh?

Get well my friend!!!

Marie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling poorly, and that you had to cancel your agility trial. I hope you've had a chance to rest up and are feeling better really soon!

Lian said...

Hi Ricky, hope you are better today. Colitis seems to be very normal in shelties. If you can add a tea spoon of pro-biotic (or live) yogurt in your dinner, that will help settle your stomach or you can get some Synbiotic DC daily capsule, it will also helps to settle your stomach. If you are using the capsule, ask your mama to open up the capsule to pour the powder in your dinner. Saturn was very bad with colitis last year and he is better now. I will keep this going for a month or two.

Bree/Reilly said...

Oh...poor ricky - that is what I had too when I came back from our Colorado vacation. It left my whole tummy and intestines very sensitive afterwards and even now 6 months later I still have to have a limited ingredient diet.