Thursday, April 16, 2009

How do you guys do it?

Mom can't believe how much time goes by between my posts! How do you all do it - posting every day and sometimes more than once a day? I enjoy reading everything you all write but I can't think of that much to say!

We finally got a sunny day today! Mom and dad took me on a walk and it was fun until I lost control at some cars that went by and mom got mad because I was pulling and lunging and barking. She gets super frustrated and I just can't help myself.

Mom and dad got a new gas grill today - dad had one years ago - but in the past five years, they've been using a charcoal grill. So a nice, new gas grill and dad cooked chicken and zucchini on it and they ate outside and everything - just like a summertime party! I continued my theme for the day and barked at all people and most cars that went by our house.

Last night we got to go to our novice competition class - class 6. We missed class 5 last week when mom was at work. Last night it was fun to be back. The theme for the evening was threading through obstacles to go on to another obstacle. Like come out of a tunnel and go through two jumps and on to the a frame. We had mixed success - sometimes I ignored mom and took the off course obstacle and sometimes I listened to her. Any way, something new to work on. Mom thinks she wants to take this same level class next session too. There's still lots of stuff for us to learn from these two teachers.

So any way, hope you all have a great weekend! Mom works all day tomorrow but has most of Saturday off. Hopefully the nice weather will stick around for awhile!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Glad you had nice weather today too!

Misty and Oreo got sent inside a couple times yesterday and today, because they couldn't stop barking at the neighbors. I don't know who those people think they are- don't they know they are supposed to stay in their houses?

Dawn said...

Katie's a barker too. Currently she's peering UNDER the blinds, through a tiny slit at something that requires her to bark. A lot. In fact she's barked pretty much all day. Maybe it's the summer weather we're experiencing? Maybe it's just a Sheltie thing! :)

Diana said...

yea it is a sheltie thing. Guiness goes crazy over bikes and miley goes crazy over cars. I also have chihuahua's and they dont go crazy over any of that stuff. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Some how knowing that other Shelties are crazy barkers doesn't seem to make mom feel better! She dreams of having an "off-switch" for me when I bark!

Bree/Reilly said...

Have you checked out Cesear Milans Page for hints on 'car chasing' he usually had some great ideas to share. I agree with you on having something to post everyday.....I often goes days with nothing to say too and am totally in awe of these poochies who have forty or fifty friends and they post and visit them all every day. Has you tummy settled down down ? Is everything back to normal?

Josh and Jess said...

Josh and Jessie are barkers, too. Jessie even more so than Josh, so I guess, it's a Sheltie thing :)

Johann The Dog said...

I understand the barking Ricky! I think it's in sheltie blood :) So glad you are feeling better, not fun to be sick and worriesome for your Mom. Yeah, it's over!!!! I had gastroenteritis once and was sick for 10 days, yuck!

And happy, happy belated Gotcha Day!!! Sorry we missed it, we are so happy you found a pawsome home and a pawsome family!!!