Sunday, April 26, 2009


Wow, we went from 40 degrees to 85 in a hurry here! What happened? I don't mind temperatures in the 60s but this is ridiculous! I am so HOT all the time - in the house too because mom believes that no air conditioning should be run in the month of April! It's against her principals! LOL! The only relief I get is playing in the hose.

Any way, enough complaining. Last Wednesday was our last novice competition class for this session. We ran a course of 21 obstacles. We got to run it twice all the way through and also worked on the middle section (the sequence that we tried to replicate in the video the next day). Mom and I did really well. We're very excited to take the class again - it starts over on May 6th.

Yesterday mom left me stranded at home while she went off to our club and volunteered for their spring obedience trial. She did this to me last year too. Then she has the nerve to come home and tell me all about it! She was a ring steward for Open again - her job was to set up the broad jump and also lead the people and dogs into the ring for the long sits and downs. The judge (Carol Ann Klein) was super nice - to the ring stewards and also to all of the competitors. There were lots of Goldens entered but also a Berner, a Russell Terrier, a couple Rotties, a Dobe, two Corgis, and a BC. It was interesting for mom to watch. She said she was smiling the whole time - either at how good a dog was doing or at how cute the dog was when they did something wrong (even though she knows how frustrating it was for the handler when the dog would go straight to a finish on a recall instead of coming front or would not sit at a halt in a heeling pattern or would roll over and scratch his back on the matting instead of just doing a simple down!). Some dogs really showed their personalities out there! Mom learned a lot and came home more excited about the prospect of showing me in the novice obedience class eventually.

We are starting to get a lot of birds migrating through our neighborhood. Swainson's thrush, hermit thrush, yellow warbler, nashville and dad know a lot of the birds' songs so they can hear them and identify them even if they can't always see them. It's a great time of year for birdwatchers!

Hope lots of you are having a beautiful weather weekend - but maybe not so HOT!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

We didn't turn our AC on either, but I think we should have. No one slept well last night. Well, maybe Oreo did. Luckily, it is supposed to be much cooler today.

We broke a record yesterday, set in 1915!

Dawn said...

Wow, it was hot yesterday! I worked all day so I didn't really get to notice it till I got home and found we had a terrible wind storm while I was gone. No electricity for about 9 hours! Ah well.

I had a bird this morning that I only see in the spring for a day or so, probably going through on migration. Sort of looked like a robin, but slightly smaller...with buff underneath, rust on the sides and a dark back and head. Any idea what that was? Eating oilers on the ground under my feeder...

Dawn said...

Hi Ricky! Tell your Mom and Dad I figured out what the bird was under my feeder. It was a "Red-eyed Towhee" I found it in my mother's old bird book with black and white drawings. Then I went to the internet and found a picture of it here:

I hope the URL works, otherwise tell them to just type into Google red-eyed Towhee! :)

I only see this bird for a day or so in the spring, and not every year, so I was happy to see it yesterday. Probably won't see it again until next spring. If then!

Bree/Reilly said...

we had that here was cold, then suddenly a few hots days - I was happy cause I got to lay on my vent....but now it's cold again.