Monday, March 21, 2011

Tunnel within a Tunnel

The other day we set up the tunnel inside the curve of another tunnel exercise that we practiced in class last week. We have a 6 ft real tunnel and then two kids' play tunnels we put together to be the bigger tunnel. It made the entrances more obvious but we could still practice the skill. The dogwalk was just there to keep the tunnels from rolling backwards.

This was edited down from 9 minutes (you're welcome - LOL) and I did make mistakes but cut those out! I caught on pretty quickly though. The handler should say the dog's name for the entrance nearest her and say tunnel for the farther entrance. The handler should also run straight toward the middle of the smaller curved tunnel for that tunnel. I am thinking mom's handling leaves a lot to be desired! :) (also cut from the video was mom's often repeated "don't eat it" to me for wanting to eat the corn gluten she put on the yard for fertilizer/weed control - I can't help it if that stuff is like manna from heaven to me!)

Last night and tonight I did - get the dumbbell, sit, down, sit, stand, sit, and sit up pretty - all while HOLDING it!! There is hope!

Gotta zoom!



Reilly / Bree said...

You are awesome Mr Ricky - you look like you are having so much fun racing around.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Great job!

I khan tell woo will SO work fur food!


Marie said...

That's a tough obstacle discrimination! As always you and your mom make it look easy. I can't wait till our grass looks as green as yours does again. I keep seeing green trying to poke through, but it's still pretty sad looking.

Diana said...

Yea Ricky!!! On the dumbell and the tunnels. Do you think we will see double tunnels in trial?

Sara said...

You can see that Ricky enjoys his tunnels! Happy, happy dog :)

If I tried this, Oreo would choose an end, and then go in that end for the next 10 minutes! Obviously, he can't handle change. I'm really impressed that you too could do this exercise. It sure is difficult!

I'll have to try and train the name one end, tunnel the other end.

Hillary said...

Haha, What a happy boy :)

Diana- Depends on what venue you're trialing in. You won't see any double tunnels in AKC.

The only time I've seen it at a trial was for an "Impossible Tunnelers" course in TDAA

Priscilla said...

Dear Ricky, my mom's jaw almost fell onto the floor while she was watching your video. You're so clever and everything looks so easy to you. Mom complains that I like to take my own sweet time whenever she teaches me something new but I think it's all her faults as she can never tell me what she exactly wants to teach me and how I should make it right.
~ Eva

Kathy said...

wow, reading your post about training with distractions if you put the fertilizer Ricky likes, LOL. I think that is a great exercise, I want to try it, but not sure how we would fare....Ricky set the bar pretty high, he really looks good, and it looked like fun. I keep getting confused about the saying their name for the further away or not as obvious obstacle, glad you repeated that for us....I really need to practice that a lot more, and I read lindas explaination of why that works and it makes perfect sense but boy old habits die hard.

Amber-Mae said...

Now that looks FUN!!! You look so happy & excited running through those tunnels.

Sagira said...

Good job Ricky!

Amy Wood said...

Nice job with the tunnels, Ricky! You look like you really like running through those tunnels! :) Glad to hear you're making progress with the dumbell. Keep up the great work!