Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday's Class

We're behind in posting this week - today should be tricky but it's going to be about my class instead. Our skills drill this week was about how to teach your dog to get on the dogwalk safely. We were supposed to practice wrapping around a jump standard and then a cone for homework the week before. We warmed up with that and then Jenn put first a wing gate, then a jump standard and then a cone right next to the side of the up ramp. We had to jump and then walk it. We tried it on both ends of the dogwalk (so from both sides) and with just a pull and then with a rear cross.

With the sequences, the handler was supposed to come up with their own plan for their own dog. Most of the time Jenn has a specific skill in mind and will discuss a sequence and encourage the handler to use her handling plan. Any way, mom did come up with pretty good ideas for us for each sequence. On one part though, there ended up being many options and Jenn did explain them. We made the video to show you the approximate layout for the jumps and to give you some of the handling options. (there is not enough room in our yard to get the distances right).

There are 6 jumps and then a tunnel. The first 4 are self-explanatory. The action happens after 4 and between 5 and 6.

1. FC after #4 and serp recall over #6

2. Same thing but fail on the serp recall - LOL!

3. Dog on same side the entire time - push to #6

4. RC before #5

5. RC on the flat between #5 and 6 and then backy uppy fail at #6 - :)

About the past few wordless Wednesdays - since they are wordless, we couldn't explain anything - LOL! Mom thought the photos of me with the daffodils last week were funny - it's true that the daffodils were beautiful and so was I, but she thought it was so funny that for photo after photo, I would just NOT look at her. The first one of me running in the grass from yesterday was taken a couple weeks ago when we did have spring-like weather but I was looking at CARS that were on a road probably a half a mile away! Mom also thought this was funny as here we were in the pretty spot on a trail and having a great walk and I had to go an notice cars going by so far away! Well, duh! And as for the snow photos from yesterday afternoon, well, mom didn't think those were funny at all! HeHe!

Gotta zoom!



Diana said...

I never thought about the cone thing. What a great idea!! Thanks, as always, for the lesson.

Priscilla said...

I definitely agree that CARS are much more interesting than anything which isn't moving at all. When I'm doing my photo shooting, I learned that if I don't look at my mom but somewhere else, I look much cooler in the pictures.
~ Eva

Sara said...

I'll watch your videos when I get home from work. YouTube Is blocked by the internet police.

I'm always impressed by how much you guys learn in your classes.

Misty had a hard time looking at the camera too.

Kathy said...

good idea with the cone ...we did the same little thing with a board and garden fencing and then transfered it to the obstacles. It would be easier with a cone though....I will transfer that today. Looks like a great exercise with the options!

Ludo van Doggy said...

I agree with Sara, when we went to classes we didn't get half such detailed instructions!

Reilly / Bree said...

You really are getting so much faster than you use to be and your concentration is pawsome - we expect to see A LOT of ribbons at the end of this year !

Sagira said...

Your backyard looks like so much fun Ricky! Are you out there doing your super agility moves all the time?

Amber-Mae said...

Now the cone thing on the side of the bridge is a good idea. I like to jump up from the side which ofcourse is wrong. Hoomie Melissa might try putting a cone there.

Sara said...

That cone is a neat idea.

Ricky you get really charged up when you come out of that tunnel! You're such a good boy :)

Amy Wood said...

Great job Ricky! You sure do look good out on the course!

Dawn said...

I was thinking the same thing...we never get that much detail in I was reading and watching I was thinking "Wow, Ricky and his Mom really are getting the technical issues behind the running!"

We don't have snow ... yet...but maybe this weekend! Darn.

Love your Wordless Wednesdays!

Morganne said...

I like the cone idea! I am going to do that with Soleil. Do you just gradually fade it (move it back)?

Sophie said...

I can't really comment on the 'agility stuff' (I've picked up bits, but it still is like hearing a different language sometimes!), but it looks like you're getting faster! Way to go, Ricky! :)