Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts in no particular order:

We only really enjoy doing agility in our own backyard.

I have a new harness - one of those Comfort Flex ones - if I have to wear a harness, it is my favorite so far. I hate harnesses and I used to wear the Walkeez all-fleece one but I have so much fur that mom had to work the harness straps way into the fur to get it to go on far enough back and I really didn't like that. At least with the Comfort Flex there is just the one strap around my middle. I got an XS in case you were wondering and I measured @ 19 in. around my girth.

It is RAINING again - better than snow but with our already super saturated ground it is making quite a mess.

We are running out of trick ideas and don't know how much longer we can keep doing tRicky T-Days. I am always working on tricks but lots of them are in progress and or we are refining things I already know. Did you know tRicky T-Day was started by Ludo back in June of 2009!! Wow!

I am four years old and still barking at cars.

My next agility trial isn't until April 9 - just one day of AKC. I need 6 JWW Qs to get my MXJ and it's going to be a tall order given our lack of trial days, my squirreliness about spread jumps and mom's inability to remember the courses!

Chewing on bully sticks has really helped my teeth! My adult teeth have been stained since a month after they came in and I had some tarter on my back molars. The staining has mostly gone away and even some of the tarter has come off by my chewing! The bully stick works well for me because I can really get it positioned to chew hard with my back teeth (unlike the marrow bones which are fun but bigger). I get Moo! free-range ones from my favorite Pet People store. They are kind of expensive but well worth it if they keep me from having to have my teeth cleaned at the vet.

Remember how I used to throw up yellowish foam quite frequently in the middle of the night? I hardly ever do that any more and I think I have out grown that empty stomach thing.

Where did all the white markings on my face go?

Gotta zoom!



Priscilla said...

Great random thoughts post!
Now I know what your size is.
I don't like rain because my humans won't let me stay out for too long and they keep pushing me to finish my toilets if the ground is wet and this gives me too much pressure that I can't do my toilets properly.
You're a hardworking and clever dog and my mom always gets ideas from you but I'm a slow learner :)
Your barking at cars made me feel so much better, I bark and chase but it just happens when I'm in the house.
Good luck for your April agility.
I have never had any bully sticks before and I'm so interested in it. May be I should get my teeth stained so my mom will get me one.
Glad to hear that you're a big boy and much stronger nowadays.
Don't worry about the white markings, you look great !!!
~ Eva

Kathy said...

Oh Ricky that barking at cars thing is just a hard habit to break ....esp when it is such a fun habit!!! Very rewarding, LOL! I did not realize until recently how much puppies white markings shrink as they get older, WHO KNEW about that??? You are such a handsome guy ;-), so it all worked out well. I love those harnesses too, we have green and blue and red and then we have those red/white/blue special edition ones, but they are great ;-).

Amber-Mae said...

HMMM your mom sounds a lot like mine. She has a problem memorizing the entire agility course too! Do you have any idea how many times I lost because of HER? She gets so terribly confused so easily.

My next Agility trial is on the 27th of March. I have not done Agility for a while so I'm a tad rusty at it. It's been MONTHS since I did any training.

OOHH I've tried bully sticks before. One of our blog friends mailed some to us 2 years ago. It smelled like poop but it tasted wonderful! Melissa even made bully sticks for us once. She got fresh cow pee pee at a market & she baked it in the oven for 6 hours till it was nice & super crispy. I think you consider getting raw cow hoofs to chew on. They are stinky like bully sticks but they are great to rub off tartar on your teefies.

Melissa would sometimes scale our teefies if there are tartar on them. It does not hurt. It actually feels nice. HEE

Love that puppy picture of you. You were such a cutie! Now, you're a handsome man!

I know it's still early but I wish you best of luck with the trial. My paws are crossed that you do extremely well. You have my support. GO TEAM RICKY!!!

katie said...

it's always good to look how far we've come. You have changed a lot! i love tricky t day, but can understand it would be hard to keep it up for so long every week. maybe just surprise us or do a once a month tricky t day? I'm glad to get updated on your random thoughts. I know I have plenty of my own and sometimes it helps to write them all down. You and your mom are doing awesome!

Sophie said...

Ricky is such a cutie, with or without the puppy markings! :) Maybe you should do a fortnightly tRicky T-Day, so you can conserve ideas! Fifty two tricks a year is pretty hardcore, really.

Diana said...

LOL, Miley doesnt bark at cars. Just spins and spins. Very irritating.

Back yard agility is the BEST!!

It is funny how hair markings can change so much. My brown chihuhua was born with a white tipped tail and a white streak on his head. All gone now.

Reilly / Bree said...

Those were great random thoughts - and what did happen to that white spot on your head when you were little - did it slip down over your back and end up on the end of your tail?

Sara said...

Love the comfort flex! So easy to use.

Oreo prefers backyard agility too. I'm not going to trial much anymore, because he really doesnt like it.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Layla's been throwing up the yellow stuff a little bit recently. I think I'm going to start giving her one full meal, and then split the second meal into halves so she'll get 3 meals through the day.

She LOVES bully sticks, too! They do help keep teeth really clean.

Do you have any of the Trick Dog books? We have the 101 Dog Tricks and they're pretty fun!

Morganne said...

I have a comfortflex in the same size! What color is yours? Mine is pink (berry actually but my Mom calls it pink).


Dawn said...

Funny Ricky, I was thinking about doing a random thoughts post! But it was more fun reading yours! I don't even know what a bully stick is...should look that up. And the white markings? Katie had more white on her nose when she was a pup than she does now too. Must be a normal coming of age thing for shelties. Back yard agility IS fun...we're waiting impatiently for the weather to break and the snow to melt so we can set up Katie's dogwalk and stuff. I need to get her Dad to make better jumps for her so they're not so hard to move around. Can't wait!

Amy Wood said...

Aww, such sweet pics of puppy Ricky and grown Ricky. He is just as cute today as he was back then :)
My shelties some times throw up yellowish foam. Do you know what causes it?
Glad Ricky enjoyed his bully stick!

Amy Wood said...

Thanks for the info on the yellowish foam. I'll have to see what time it is next time, maybe mine get it from the empty stomach too. That would be much easier to correct :) and I'm sure they wouldn't mind it either.

Ludo van Doggy said...

I think I has just the same amount of white! Mum can never remember courses either which partly why we left training. She didn't like the trainer telling her off. BOL!
Glad I don't feel the need to bark at cars. But I do just bark walking down the street, just to hear myself you know. I sure you will never run out of tricks!
~lickies, Ludo

Sagira said...

Wow, this is a jam packed post.

Our next agility trial isn't until April 9th either. Will see you there I am sure. :)

Marie said...

Well, I think that right now, Dare would agree with your first random thought, Ricky. I hope that someday we can find agility fun everywhere, but I guess time will tell.

As for bully sticks...everyone here gives them an enthusiastic paws up!