Monday, March 28, 2011

A Crate Game

Since we got our Crate Games DVD at Christmas, we haven't practiced nearly as much as we should have. But one of our games I like a lot incorporates my crate into a little living room agility. Mom sets up my tunnel at the end of the couch and then a jump and then my crate and I have to go as fast as I can to get to my crate (I love my crate, btw!). We tried to figure out how to get the set up on video and the room just isn't big enough to be able to get the camera back far enough. So the video starts out and you can only see the crate part (you have to imagine the tunnel and the jump - LOL). Then mom makes you dizzy by holding the camera and following me around the circle. Fortunately she doesn't do that for long! :)

When the weather gets nicer, we have to take the crate outside and see if I can do a similar exercise out there.

It was sunny but quite cold today. I did get to go on a fun walk to Antrim Lake (the place that was the site of one of our training challenges). We still don't go there very often because of all the cars on the major highway. Today I wore my harness and when I started barking at the cars, mom just stopped and waited for me to calm down until we could walk a couple more steps. I have a really hard time handling me moving and the cars moving at the same time. Anyway, the harness helped to keep me from spinning. After a little while I was able to keep walking without barking and then got to be off-leash in the safe area. I listened to mom and came to her whenever she stopped. We met a harlequin great dane who was still a puppy but his head came up to mom's chest (and mom is 5' 9")! And we saw a loon in the lake!!! That was super cool! Seeing one is not an every day occurrence around here - this one must be passing through on migration.

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

What a fun indoor game! I'm still waiting for the crate games DVD from bowwow flix.

Glad you got out for a walk today. Loons are very cool!

Sophie said...

Awww! It sounds like you had a lovely day out, Ricky! :) And looking at the pictures from the Training Challenge, it looks like a huge place to visit. We're very jealous.

By the way - is Crate Games worth it, do you think? Over in the UK, I've only heard of it as being pretty hard to get (it's not even available on our amazon!), so I expect it's quite pricey over here!

Sagira said...

Seems like you're having fun with the crate games for sure. :)

Anxious to see how you do at it outside. I am sure you will do just great though. :)

Diana said...

Training is very quiet at your house. Youll know what I mean when you see the video I posted. LOL. Great job on the crate games and walking with cars!!

Dawn said...

crate games look like fun! And the park sounds even more fun!

Priscilla said...

That looks so much fun there. Your mom is so creative and she's so generous with treats too. I like your mom better, Ricky.
How I wish my mom played this game with me during my confinement then life wouldn't be so boring and my tummy wouldn't rumble all the time.
I hope the guilt is with her now!!!

Kathy said...

ALL RIGHT CRATE GAMES!!!! It is on our agenda to do today, but it has been so busy so here it is almost seven pm and I have not got around to it yet today.....but there was your video and it looks so good it is making me feel like I better get off my butt and get our crate games done for today, LOL. Good Job Ricky glad to see you are doing super fantastic with your crate games-you must have been doing a lot of crate games because you are doing the advanced games so well, my dogs say you must have a good mom that did not put training off like theirs has, hahaaha.

Marie said...

Fun! I keep hoping things are going to warm up enough to haul everything back out into the field, but if it doesn't happen soon, I'll have to start getting inventive like your mom.

Reilly / Bree said...

The crate game looks like fun - unfortunately mine is too small for me now. How lucky are you to see a Loon - Mom loves them even more then Elephants and has seen one up close and heard it calling. That was when she lived in a place called Minnesota.