Thursday, March 17, 2011

tRicky T-Day!

We have a YouTube friend named Sian who is now a facebook friend of our's too and she has a dog training facebook page - the other day she posted that if anyone needs help with tricks they are working on, she would be happy to try to give some advice. So mom told her that we have been working on my rolling up in a blanket for a long time and that I can't get past "hold the blanket, drop it, and roll over." Here's her advice:

ZsianZ1 Animal Training "
Well have you tried training other tricks such as beg or spin while holding something? the problem with the roll over is that it means going upside down with it in their mouth so starting off with something easier first might be the way forward, also start with something smaller in the mouth such as a toy that is easy to hold and then get the roll over with that first. ohhh and another thing is to make sure there is plenty of slack with the blanket... if the blanket is going too tight it can put the dog off, so have him sit further in on the blanket and then hand him the corner. and one more idea is train him to lay on his side and back, that way you can ask for the roll in stages and this should help".

Since the dumbbell is sort of the thing that I am most comfortable holding at the moment, mom is trying to get me to do something other than walk or sit with it in my mouth. The very first day we tried it, I did left and right. But after that, I wouldn't do it any more - I just kept dropping the dumbbell. The most progress we have made is I will lie down and not drop it. Goofy I know, but somehow this whole concept it tough for me! (What happened to the font and size I was using to write this - it changed when I put in the quote from Sian and now I can't get it back).

Some day I hope to have a really good trick to share on tRicky T-Day. We are trying every day, believe me.

It's a beautiful day outside right now - need to get back out there! :)

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Good advice she gave you!

We have struggled along with you on this trick. I give up for months, then try again. It is HARD!

Pepper said...

That is really good advice. Funny timing that you would post this because today I taught Pepper to pick up a cloth and beg holding it (we haven't had much success with rolling in the blanket but beg was much easier!) Will put the video up to show you :)

Diana said...

If anyone can do it, you guys can!!!

Priscilla said...

You're talented, Ricky! I think you really have the flair for tricks, man!!!
I'm still struggling with HOLD but mom has taken notes of what that clever lady said. LOL!
~ Eva

Amy Wood said...

Nice job holding the dumbbell Ricky! I'm sure you'll get the trick. I enjoy watching your tricky t-day videos!

Dawn said...

You have such patience Ricky, for trying all the things your Mom thinks up! And you'll get them all figured out too! Amazing!

Amber-Mae said...

That's a GREAT advice! Hoomie Melissa has been wanting to teach me this trick for some time already but I would let go of the blanket when I'm going to rollover. But now she is going to attempt to train this with River.

Reilly / Bree said...

You will get it Ricky - you are such a smart little guy and with your mom patience - it will be easy.

Nat said...

Your mom has such great dedication to work through the challenges! You looked great Ricky, and Sian gave some really helpful advice. You'll get that blanket trick!

Sophie said...

Hee! I love that intense look of concentration you've got going there, Ricky. :) 'Okay, been told to lie down... must hold onto this thing... lying dooooown... keep hold? okay!'

Silly shelties! Hope this helps you to get that trick sorted :)

Kathy said...

I think that looks sooo awesome, that has to be a hard concept to understand what part of holding a dumb bell you want, so many things we want them to hold a position or thing and then not move, and I used ot have an instructor that was always saying DOGS DONT GENERALIZE, I think that is hard, so to Ricky gosh it must be like a thousand tricks to start with, there is the hold dumb bell and sit,and hold dumb bell and down, and hold dumb bell and walk, makes me exhausted to just think of it all, so no answers, just an amazement Ricky is doing so well, he is amazing! When he really gets the whole idea nd doing anything with the dumb bell, can you imagine how much he will have come to understand, he will be ready for his masters thesis! You guys are really awesome and I admire so much how you are teaching huge concepts that are not that easy to just pick up!!!!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Ah Ricky, I think you always do good tricks!
I is so impressed, I still cannot sit and hold something. I has managed it a couple of times now, but not consistently.
~lickies, Ludo

Marie said...

I really liked the suggestions you got about how to break this trick down a bit more. I think you're going to get it. You and your mom are really dedicated and just think about how well you're doing with the dumbbell now.

Sagira said...

Will have to go check out your friends page. Didn't know you were on FB. :)

Honey the Great Dane said...

I think you're doing so well, Ricky! I like that look of intense concentration on your face as your human says "Keep holding it"!! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi again, Ricky - just to let you know - one of my other blog friends, Pepper, is also trying to learn the same trick as you - and also having the same problems! So her human got her to do stuff while holding a tea-towel in her mouth. She posted about it recently and I thought you might be interested (in case you don't follow her blog) - just in case it helps with any ideas!

Here is the post:

Good luck!
Honey the Great Dane