Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's class

I went back to class today for the first time in 3 weeks! Today's class was all about forward sends. Actually it started out with a startline stay exercise. I had to sit and wait and let mom take off my leash and then put it back on, then sit and wait while she lead out and came back, then do it again while she did jumping jacks and then pounded on the floor and then pretended to release me with a word that is not my release word (ok) and motion - mom said "pizza" and put her arm in the air. All easy for me, I did not break my startline. Any way, you get the idea - proof your startline stays!

Our first sequence was DW, forward send, and then back down a line of jumps that included a double. I jumped 12" and looked fine but refused the double. Mom kept going and I happily finished the sequence. After that mom moved me down to 8". The next sequence had the double in it too and I jumped it at 8". So mom thinks I am either still a little sore or I have lost my confidence about doing the spread jumps since it hurt so much to do them in August and September. Hopefully that is all it is.

The good news today is I did the chute both times!

Random forward send thoughts (nothing new - just reminders):

1. the handler needs to keep both of her shoulders facing forward toward the jump until the dog commits

2. the handler can go as close to the jump as necessary for her dog - send does not mean distance

3. a good forward send helps get the handler into a better position (ahead) to show the dog where to go next (like if you are not changing sides, the handler needs to see that the dog is committed and then turn and RUN)

4. don't forget to practice sends to a jump that is parallel to you (ie. dog is heading toward the jump upright thingy and not heading straight on toward the bar). A "parallel" send is a really good skill to have

We are pulling out of the one day of the trial we were entered in this weekend (Friday). Mom wants me to be stronger and more confident before we trial again and doesn't want me to continue to practice refusing the big jumps. We are going to keep jumping 8" in class for awhile and work at home on getting me going again. There's no hurry now. The next trial we might enter is New Year's weekend. Plenty of time to relax and keep working on foundation stuff.

Gotta zoom!



Diana said...

You know, I think thats what happened to Miley and the table. Something must have happened and she associates pain or injury with the table. And now cant get over it. So I think your plan is a good one. Here is one thing you can try to see if its pain or confidence. Do you have anymore pain medication. Give him a dose 2 hours before going out to practice. Then go out in the backyard. Put two jumps together to make a double jump. The practice and see what happens. You may want to practice without the pain medication first and see what happens. Its just an idea. You dont have to do it.
I couldnt have done all that start line stay stuff, Miley would have broke. LOL Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Diana - OK, thanks - good idea! I bet you are right about Miley's table troubles. It totally makes sense.

I think I will put two jumps together and try Ricky in the yard without pain meds first. I suspect it is now a confidence/remembering pain issue though. I did actually try a double in our yard yesterday and he was fine. But we need to do it more. I guess there is a chance it is ETS afterall or a more significant injury but I want to think positively and believe he just needs more time.

Staying is Ricky's best skill - it's the going that is difficult - LOL!

Sara said...

I think you have a good plan there. I bet you will see an increase in speed in class with the 8 inch height too.

Oh, if only dogs could talk.....then we wouldn't have to sit here wondering so much...well it could be this, or it could be that! LOL.

Sagira said...

Is that the trial in Zanesville? I wish we were going. But our next trial isn't until the one in Sunbury next month.

Glad that Ricky seems to be feeling better and YEAHHH for doing the chute 2 times. GO RICKY!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm glad the two of woo got out today!


Priscilla said...

I'm sorry your class didn't end too well, but I think your mom is doing the right thing taking you out of the trial. I'm sure you'll be fine soon, and don't lose your confidence!

Kathy said...

Glad it sounds like class went well. THANKS so much for the tips on forward sends, I printed them out because that is the foundation stuff I am working on with Cricket, and reading through the foundation articles in clean run, our instructor had never taught up forward sends, and DUHHHHHH....I felt so stupid, after reading those I thought we never worked on those with Breeze and if I am going forward to a jump and stop showing motion....so like I dont trip over the jump then Breeze will pull off, HOLY CRAP I am sure that is because she is a good girl, looking at my motion and has not learned that if I am giving forward send signals it is all good ;-)-I really feel stupid about that. So guess what, forward sends are a skill Cricket is practicing, ;-).

Marie said...

Sounds like a really smart plan to sit this trial out and really build up your confidence again in the next month or so.

Class sounded great as always! Glad to be back on schedule getting to read about your Tues. training adventures. :-)