Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm ok!

I just came back from seeing Dr. Jan at her house again - she was nice enough to re-examine me to see if my back pain was gone. Well, she said I feel much better! She checked my spine and my knees again. She pushed on exactly the same spot along my lower back that last time brought me to my knees but not today. So she says I am good to go back to my usual routine but that mom should ease me into the agility stuff. Fine by us! We have a whole week to go until our class starts again so we have plenty of time to go slow. The real test will be when I try a spread jump for the first time. We won't do that until next week at least and maybe not even then. Luckily at class we can do as little or as much as we think I can.

Now all I need is for mom to stop worrying! She has been a mess! And even now that she got the good news about me, she is still having trouble letting go of the worry and believing that I am ok. She hasn't been able to keep her mind on doing fun stuff with me - no trick-training, no training challenges, no blog posts. She has been either at work or at home obsessing and worrying about me. I am hoping that she feels better about things soon and that we can get back to having some fun!!

Gotta zoom (apparently I am finally legally allowed to)!



Sara said...

Yea Ricky! That's great news!

I think you need to start doing relaxation protocol with your mom. Maybe you can reward her with sips of wine and bites of chocolate if she sits quietly and relaxes :)

Sagira said...

SO happy to hear that you can go back to your normal schedule. I know your mom must be so worried and probably scared to give it a try again. But hopefully this was just a one time thing and you are back to new again. :)

fulltiltbcs said...

I am soooo happy Ricky is going to be OK! My mom stares at me all the time, it gets annoying so I try to redirect her behavior...most of the time it works :)


Dynomite said...

Oh Ricky so glad your feeling better
I understand agility is definatly F.U.N
I remember how it hurt my hip when I jump high jumps. So glad you are better.

Pepper said...

What a relief! Gosh its so hard that they can't just tell us whats up aye. I'm so glad for you two that everything looks to be getting better.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Great news Ricky!

Take it easy on her and ease her bakhk in!


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Hi Ricky,

So glad that Dr. Jan says you're feeling better and can resume agility!

I don't blame your mom for worrying. In general life, I'm a very calm, level-headed person, but when it comes to my dogs, I turn into a psycho! When Layla was in the hospital when they thought that she had a stomach blockage, I would start crying hysterically, gasping for air, like a crazy person. I usually don't cry ever! It's something about you guys that gets to us on a ridiculously deep emotional level.

Can't wait to hear about your new adventures!

The Thundering Herd said...

Awesome news Ricky. We are happy for you.

Kathy said...

Tell your mom I know how it is, it is hard not to worry. SUPER GLAD you got such good news and glad you guys are ok!!!!!

Priscilla said...

Phew! What a relief.
You did give us quite a worry though. Glad you're much better now and tell your mom to stop worrying!

Diana said...

WhooHoo thats great! It is hard not to worry. Diana

Dawn said...

Oh Ricky! That is such great news! A little zooming to ease back into running and jumping appears to be in order! Your mom will freak out, but that's ok. A little freaking out is normal for moms. She'll adjust, it takes moms longer to adjust then you doggies.

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Hi Ricky. Boy, can I relate. I was off agility for about 4 months last winter when I came up gimpy. Everybody thought it was ny knee, but turns out its my back. I even get a place that's hot to the touch right along my spine. It;s weird though , it makes me hold my leg up and limp.
So, I have been going to the chiropractor for about 9 mos. now, and now I just go about every 6 weeks. It helps a lot, and I haven't been needing any drugs. mom is real happy about that part. So, you will get better, it just takes awhile. And pretty soom you mom will figure out when you have had enough, because you will figure out a way to tell her. I just stop and lay down. BOL
your pal, Morgan

Johann The Dog said...

Tell your Mum, Ricky, to not worry, K? You'll be fine :) Mum's been there, believe gotta let it go and start fresh! ( my Mum a little lecture here :)