Sunday, October 17, 2010

Training Challenge #10 and Recalls to Heel

This week we went back to the site of training challenge #1 - Antrim Lake. We couldn't believe that it had already been two months since we were there. We had been meaning to repeat this challenge much sooner. And we should have - I was a B-A-D dog! I did much better the last time we were there. This time I lunged and barked and whined at cars. I told mom what could she expect - I had been resting my back for two weeks and I needed to release some of that pent up energy! So I pulled and barked my way along the path near the highway. Then when we got to the backside of the lake and I was allowed to drag my leash, I did a little better. We went down on the footpath in the woods that parallels the main path (that's where the wordless Wednesday photos came from) and I wanted back up on the main path so badly - every time there was an access, I either ran half-way up it or looked pleadingly at mom - when it finally came time to get back up there, I flew up and scared the poop out of a jogger! Mom apologized and felt bad for the girl. See - I had absolutely no manners out there.

We know we need to repeat all of the training challenges we have done this summer. It was good to get out there and try new things each week but one time didn't solve any of my issues.

Any way, how do all of you who are participating in the training challenge feel about ending the challenge for now and picking it up again in the Spring? We are really impressed by everyone's results this summer! I think we all got out there and got out of our comfort zones and learned a lot! We appreciate all of your support and encouragement! I feel like the training challenge was a huge success thanks to all of you!

I am slowly getting back into agility. Mom has been very careful with me this week. We have been doing warm-up exercises like the ones in Clean Run this month. And we are doing the stretching exercises shown in this Agility Nerd post. I have also been doing a little ball work. I have been jumping one jump and occasionally two and then yesterday I got to do 6 weaves twice! While I was injured we worked on recalls to heel on the flat. Now we are adding a jump. I think I am looking pretty good but mom still wishes I would blast off the startline. She is happy that I seem to be more focused and happy to be working. We made a video - nothing very exciting. First foundation RTH. Then extension RTH. Then backy-uppy RTH. These are the ones we were doing on the flat. The foundation one is the most important one, I think.

My class starts up again on Tuesday. We'll see how I do. I have one day of a trial scheduled for Friday and mom is not sure she wants me to go. That is my last trial until New Year's Day. So either we go and try it or we cancel and give me two more months off from trialing. If I look good in my class, maybe we'll go?

Gotta zoom!



Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Good lukhk!

I'm sure woo will do furry well!

Happy Sunday!


Sara said...

Your moves on the video look great! Ricky looks like he's not showing any signs of pain, so that is wonderful!

We haven't posted a training challenge in a few weeks. We feel kinda guilty....It is going to get more difficult when the snow starts flying.

Kathy said...

YOU GUYS LOOK GREAT! We are doing a lot of the recalls to heel with all the dogs....I copied the first article and second one Linda M did for clean run and am working through them all, so it was super cool to wake up this morning and see Ricky there working on the same foundation things. I know what you mean by having to revisit things and revisit challenges to keep them fresh. OOOH I hope class goes well and gives you a good answer on if you want to attend the trial!!!

Priscilla said...

Ricky, you're doing great in the video!! You must be so happy to be doing agility again! Have fun in class!!

Sorry the car chasing and jogger chasing thing didn't work out with you. Just tell your mom, it's a sheltie thing :)

katie said...

Sounds like it was a hard challenge this week, but I'm sure it's partially cause you have so much energy to burn off!

I have loved your training challenge and while I didn't do a good job of posting our challenges each week we did do them, and it really helped motivate me so I will for sure try to do it again in the spring. For me keeping it going all winter would be a little tough as the weather makes it hard to be out too much. We usually just keep to our walks as much as we can and do lots of mental brain training inside. But we loved the challenge and being able to read everyones stories!

katie said...
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katie said...

P.S. So glad you are feeling better!!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

When you guys start up in the spring, we'd like to take part in the training challenges too :)

Thanks for posting the link to the stretching. I stretch at trials, but always forget at classes. I want to start remembering to stretch her at classes, too.

Good luck this Tuesday!

Diana said...

Ricky looks good. I hope class goes well on Tuesday. Diana

Marie said...

Well, I feel like we've fallen off the training challenge wagon the last few weeks. I for one think that taking a break while the weather is lousy and then starting back up in the spring sounds good.

Your video was great! You don't look stiff or sore at all. Yay!!! Can't wait for class to start again, so we get to hear all about it.

Dawn said...

Hey Ricky! I thought of you while I was away on vacation this weekend! We were out on a little peninsula near Grindstone City looking for old grindstones, and a couple had their dog, looked like a Labradoodle, but they said it was an Elkpoo, whatever that is. And when they realized that we were out there too, the lady blew a WHISTLE and that dog ran right over to her! It was a young dog and pretty, but not as pretty as YOU! :)

Sagira said...

Good luck at class tonight. I know your mom is worried but you will let her know if it is too soon I am sure.

My dad likes Agility Nerd to. :)